Ɔ∀Ԁ∀ / EU Session - 20190511


Aug 27, 2018
RSI Handle
Good afternoon boys and girls,

One of the challenges from recent APAC / EU sessions has been that PVP is expensive, and while it's fun to shoot at others, losing your $3500 firearm when you die is less exciting. So tonight / this morning we're going to be earning cash!

We'll be exploring mining as it's implemented in 3.5, running delivery missions, and possibly looting drug labs. With the cash earned you will be well set up for future APAC / EU PVP sessions, and will be far more comfortable joining with Lefty and the TSMC while they burn through their cash exploring interesting ways to die. If you decide mining is actually pretty fun, you can join Sunder's Rock Raiders on their regularly scheduled Mineral Molestation Missions.

So to clarify.

Saturday 11th of May
Meet at Port Olisar
We'll be spawning ships at 10:00 UTC
If you don't have a prospector you can use mine, or you can fly support.
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