Industry Events Thread 2019 - To be updated for Patch 3.5

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Jun 19, 2014
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Come one, come all, bring your ships to some rockin(get it?) and rollin TEST events this year. Like the Combat Flight Training(those guys are awesome btw) we'll be doing these weekly(for real this time) since the game is now in a very playable state(when the server doesn't have a stroke). These events will be mostly laid back affairs but they do serve a purpose whether it be training, data collection, or contests. Overall though the Goal is to have fun and that is what we will always strive for. Occasionally we're also going to bring back some previous events such as Red Rover and Demolition Derby. Check back weekely for new events, especially when 3.5 hits PTU for everyone and then Live for Salvage! @Printimus will be handling setting those events up. Get pumped, get excited, get drunk because 2019 is the Year of Content for SC. I'm making that prediction.

==============Past Events==================

Jan 20: Sunday 2:00pm CST(20:00 UTC) - First Mining event of the year. Depending on how 3.4.2 shakes out, we may do this on the PTU if it hasn't gone Live. I'm looking for as many Prospectors as we can muster and as many fighters as possible for a mock attack scenario in the 2nd half of the event. The first part will be starting at Port Olisar and moving to the Yela Belt for some mining action. The 2nd half of the event will be the mock attack. The setup is simple: Prospector ships are mining, 'enemy' attacks. First of all how far away can the prospectors be picked up on scope by the attackers, how fast can the attackers get to the miners, and how much reaction time do the miners have to get away. We need answers to these to make for safer money making in the future.

Jan 27 Sunday 2:00pm CST(20:00 UTC) - Daymar Surface Mining beginning from Port Olisar. We will group up at Olisar before traveling to Daymar to an outpost and mine there. After a while we will regroup and spawn buggies/rovers/etc and do a free for all demolition derby on the ground.

February 2nd 2:00pm CST(20:00 UTC) - Delamar Belt Mining beginning from Olisar. Come have a look around the Delemar asteroid clusters. What will be found? Who knows!

February 6th 7:00 pm CST(1:00 UTC) - Salvage Op starting at Olisar. Search around ship wreck sites to scavenge lost cargo boxes for sale. The dead don't need the cargo anymore, better take it for ourselves. A Reclaimer will be used for this. Bring armor and weapons too. Escorts Welcome.

February 9th 12:00 pm CST(6pm UTC )- Red rover, red rover, send @Black Sunder right over! Join us this weekend for some glorious RED ROVER fun with caterpillars! Surely you all have played or at least heard of this game as a child, well we are bringing it back! Time and date are posted in both guilded and in title of this thread. Can't wait to see you there!

February 15th 6:00 pm CST(00:00 UTC) - Salvage Op starting at Olisar. Search around a ship wreck site to scavenge lost cargo boxes. The TESTing portion involves box stacking for a future event. Escorts Welcome.

February 24th 12:00pm CST(18:00 UTC) - Yela Belt Mining TEST starting at Port Olisar. Further TESTing of energy signature and stealth of the Prospector mining ship followed by a trip to Kareah.
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Aug 28, 2016
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Create a mnemonic for it - “I’ve had a bath, that means time to check the dirt thread!”
If I go with that one I'm just going to be standing around asking what the hell that means. I'll be like the guy from Momento, with that tatooed on me trying to figure out what is going on, a Polaroid of August with 'don't trust him' written on the back.
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