Greetings everyone


Dec 5, 2018
RSI Handle
Greetings everyone . Just joined up and looking forward to flying and getting to know everyone. I've been a backer since 2015 and pledged about $870 to the game's development thus far. I have enjoyed several other Sci-Fi MMO's over the years as follows:

Star Wars Galaxies -- 3 years
Eve Online -- 8 years
Star Wars: KOTOR -- 2 years (got bored quickly)

For the most part I've used the handle Nijal Lun in most of the Sci-Fi games that I have played.

My current ships in game are as follows:

Cutlass Black
Avenger Titan Renegade

My play style in Star Citizen is pretty much everything. Supporting other players by co-piloting, manning turrets, repairs whatever is needed. Since this is a team based game. I also enjoy first person combat and, for reasons of picking up the Valkyrie, being able to drop Org soldiers into combat hot zones (with a good team manning the guns for support) and/or saving troops by getting them out of hot zones where needed.

Mining, industry/salvage, transporting/cargo are also other areas that I enjoy. So pretty much a jack of all trades :slight_smile:

My current system specs:

Ryzen 2600
MSI B450 tomahawk
16gb G.Skill Trident RGB 3000Mhz Ram
1 TB Western Digital HDD
250gb WD SSD (for OS, drivers and window's related apps)
500gb WD SSD for start citizen, live and PTU servers.
EVGA 650 watt 80+ gold psu.
Thermaltake Overseer RX-I full tower case.

Thanks for having me and if you need anything just give me a shout. :slight_smile:
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