Greetings, Fellow Humans.

Feb 9, 2019
RSI Handle
Nice to meet ya. My name on this forum, and in Star Citizen, is AxTheIronKnight. I come from Florida and I actually live right where Hurricane Michael turned the Florida Panhandle into a crap stain. That aside, I learned about Star Citizen maybe a few years ago. I think I saw it on Steam but it wasn't available for sale and it disappeared from the Steam store despite my interest in the game. A little while later, I found the game once more. I watched videos, read a couple reviews, and all that good stuff before I decided to buy the my first ship bundle just several weeks ago. So far my favorite and most sought-after element is just travelling, trading, and earning money; I'm still not quite ready for the combat side of things.

The first videogame I remember playing was Pokémon Sapphire Version for the Gameboy Advanced, and that's also the reason why I'm still a bit of a Pokémon geek to this day. I play games on the Nintendo Switch (Legend of Zelda BotW and Smash Bros Ultimate) and PC games like Rainbow Six Siege, Assassin's Creed Odyssey, and more recently, The Division 2.

I learned about the Test Squadron under the Star Citizen organization advertisement page; I didn't hear about it from anyone else. However, it was a community which was described to take the game seriously but casually and in a fun manner, which is really what I was looking for.

Finally... I never really watched Star Trek since I'm just a kiddo from 1999 who spent most of his time playing outside throughout his childhood rather than watching television... However, if I had to choose between Picard and Kirk, I'd vote Picard. Have you seen that beautiful bald head? Not to mention the fact that he (his actor, rather) is an absolute savage in other movies and shows.
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