Greetings, fellow pilots!


Jul 31, 2020
RSI Handle

I´m Peter and living in Berlin Germany. Born in 81 and grown up with all the great Chris Roberts games. All Wing Commander parts but my personal favorite Privateer 1+2.
Pledged since beginning of 2019 after upgrading my PC so I finally run the game. Kinda changing playing behavior, some months a lot, some not so muc. Also my other hobby takes up a lot of time,
Warhammer 40k (Wolves!). Also I have a distance relationsship and my threw my work I travel at least 2 days a week. But when I´m on I´m mostly one of the last who´s off. And I have a home office job the rest of time I´m in Berlin so I can play on the side. ;)

Played mostly single over the last time but I would like to change that, and you seemed like a nice bunch.

Greetings by Peter
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