Hello :)


May 15, 2019
RSI Handle
Hope everyone is well! My computer just recently became able to run this crazy game. Watching videos on you tube to find out things like , wheres the landing gear, How in the world do you get permission to land ( Same as ED should have known) And i happened across quite a few Test videos. Always relaxed (sorta) always having fun. Random weirdness happens and no one can understand anyone else on coms. This feels perfect.

It is a Big group i believe so there is lots of people around to group up with and or someone around who can take over when needed ,, Handy as i am disabled and have unpredictable days at times. So nice to know i wont leave people in the lurch if anything happens.

I have been flying since Microsoft Combat flight simulator and Freelancer,, played through a few disks of freelancer :) Have one on the wall.

I do hope i get to fly with you guys.

I have a freelancer and a cutlass black both Begging for gunners.

Be safe and always check your six.
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