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May 17, 2019
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Hello all, My name is Den (Denerius) also known as Chris IRL. I am a medically retired US Marine from the OIF OEF Era. I live in the US on the East Coast, Married to an awesome woman whom I love to death. I dabble in Digital media of all kinds, Went to School and got my BA in Digital Media, and now use that to help Veteran Non Profits. I have always been into games. And it was something that my son and I had in common and something we used to share a lot in.

We played many games from consoles to PC, however, PC is where i like to stay. After his passing last July I even tried my had at streaming for a while which was something he would have been awesome at. My favorite part about gaming is the social aspect of it all. So being on Discord and chatting or hanging out in groups doing group things is something I prefer. I had heard about SC some time ago, but hadn't had the money to invest at the time. I recently, as a nice birthday present, got all the new parts for me to build a system that i have been wanting for many years.

After such a build I decided I wanted to seek out and find some new things to get into that I hadn't before. And that is how I found SC again and took the plunge. I play a variety of other things and am always willing to check out something new if i have the funds for it. I have also always been into doing testing for various games as well. So I often find myself testing some very obscure games from time to time. Although, I have not tested much since my son, as we used to talk about them all the time. I hope to see you all around and hope to do some really cool things. See you around the Verse!

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Oct 30, 2015
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Welcome to TEST.
It was nice meeting & chatting with you on discord.
Hope to have lots of SC fun totogether.

retired US Marine from the OIF OEF Era.
For those that do not know..... Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) / Iraq: Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF)
Ex-Navy here. I salute you & Thank You for your service.
Grunts & Squids must stick together. LOL

After his passing last July
My condolences.
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