Jun 30, 2020
RSI Handle
Hey test pilots

My handle is same ingame.

I am 37 years old from in Norway. I finally tok the effort to build a computer again that can run sc so ofcourse i have to test it more out!

What drew you to Star Citizen?
Indredible diversity to the world of sc. and lazers and spaceships, and bombs and so on..

What do you look forward to most in Star Citizen? (PVP, Exploration, etc)
i look forward to try many things, i havent decided yet. i would problably try it all out.

What was the first game you remember playing?
wow well. that must be " A day of a tentacle " on my 486DX2. fun times

What other games do you play?
family life and work with part time studying keeps my time limited to sc at this moment.

How did you first hear about Test Squadron and what convinced you to join?
I found a active invitation from 2015 and i accepted it now haha

Picard or Kirk?
Old kirk!

Looking forward to see you around.
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