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Dec 6, 2022
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I'm Snowdakai, most people just call me Snow. I'm originally from the eastern U.S. but now live in the midwest. I started playing SC because i was looking for a new space sim to play as some of the old ones were starting to get bland, and ive been following SC for quite some time now and have been been like most people overly hyped snd tired of waiting lol. I'm a fan of PvP in game like this (even though I'm horrible at it) and other than that i like to run bounties or run cargo and mine to pass the time. The first game i remember playing was the track and field game on the NES. for those old enough to remember it came with a pad you could run and jump on and everything. I'm only 30 FYI. I play a good mix of other games. it all honestly just depends on what im in the mood for. a few weeks ago i was playing CyberPunk, last week i was playing MTGArena, this week im playing StarCitizen. I saw the Org listed under Most active Orgs, ya'll had casual listed as your playstyle and had open recruitment. What drew my attention to it was that ya'll shared a name with an Alliance i used to know back in EVE online. Test Alliance. and this catchy line clinched it lol. "we give you freedom and a beer fountain."

Kirk. Definitely old Kirk.


Oct 30, 2022
RSI Handle
"I'm only 30"

As a 40 year old, I like your style.
Aww man, that actually made me think : "Kids these days..."
And now I feel as old as I look.
BUT nothing a drink can't fix.
So cheers Snowdakai. And welcome to the geraiatics wa... err ... Test Squadron... :o7: 🍻
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