Dec 30, 2020
RSI Handle
Hello fellow citizens,

I'm from Chicago (US). A friend introduced me to SC two years ago. I toiled away in a starter Mustang for a few days and stepped away until this past October. A lot has changed and, despite the bugs, the game really has me hooked. I look forward to seeing what exploration gameplay has to offer once more systems and longer-distances become part of the Verse. The same goes for support gameplay (repair, medical, etc). In the meantime, I've been having fun farming bounties and merc missions, trading (when it works), and ROC mining when I want to chill out and make money planetside. My very first games were Oregon Trail and Math Blaster in the school computer lab ca. 1990. My first games on the home PC were Sim City and Wolfenstein 3d. In addition to Star Citizen, my main games are DCS, IL-2, and NBA 2K. I stumbled upon Test Squadron googling about all things SC and found the posts very informative.
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