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Mich Angel

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Sep 19, 2016
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i was humiltated by archangel666 and dont like inputs anymore
I did, you actually accusing me for humiliating you and you do it in public and I did no such thing, you're really some piece of work.

What you did was barged in on a discussion in the closed flight leader Discord and we where talking about how to best do dogfighting and showing some example about comparing time or kills have no relevance, it's wining that matter. As such I showed my latest pic of pirate swarm and Vanduul swarm as example that it have little matter what ship you have or guns if done right the out come is the same only the time it take.

On some of those picture it showed your score as mine, which it does in the end and that was irrelevant to the discussion as it was about victory and how to do that best.
So end result on those pic was the example they where all victories and as such also showed outcome of teamwork, but you got upset that I posted this, cause you're character name was on some of them and your score wasn't the best but it was irrelevant, it was the end result and that was victory and so you know in team work there is no competition.
And this was a discussion you wasn't even a part of or from the start and apparently didn't bother to read if you did then you'd understand what it was about.

But you had to go ballistic cause I posted ( as you said, pictures of you without permission)
Hello it is a game..! ..it was picture and your characters name was in it, not you.
So what now?? Are you now gonna hunt down everyone that posted video and pics of your character without permission.. seriously.

I have no clue what the hell is wrong with you cause this is silly beyond, it's a game and you just made it public when this was contained in closed discussion..

Sure hope you sort out what ever it is that is the real problem here, cause this is so far from the guy I been playing with and thought I knew.
Guess I can only say, get well soon.. 🍻
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Marcel Busse

Sep 18, 2016
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well i have enough of your freak outs when i played with you and your stubbornness as i said i wont play with you again look for another buddy or play alone
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