Capt. Decker

Aug 21, 2019
RSI Handle
What's goin' on! Name's Dave Decker. That's Capt. Decker for those who have the opportunity to serve aboard one of my vessels. I'm a laid back, flexible guy who enjoys the occasional cosmic horror flick, games of all types. A real enthusiast of all kinds of entertainment. That being said, I also consider myself a staunch professional. I believe in accountability, steadfast dedication, and follow-through. I'll be the first in the ship and the last one out the bar. Stick with me, and we'll have some adventures. You can count on that.

Don't let my fresh monologue fool you, I've been a part of TEST squadron since 2017. Yet, my work kept me from participating in TEST affairs, UNTIL NOW.

I'm a veteran of both Star Citizen from 2.6.1 and a United States Marine Corps veteran.
Want to know more about me? Drop a comment below!

Fly safe, my TESTies.


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