Managed to get a go in Tonk Royale again


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Jan 5, 2016
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Hey there TESTies,

I managed to get a go in Tank Royale again today (last day it's on before the experimental mode goes away to be replaced with something else on a rotational basis) and I wasn't able to use the turret zoom feature which was previously in there, I'm not sure if I just wasn't pushing the right buttons or if it's gone? There seemed to be a bit of auto-aim compensation for not being dead-on target which lead me to believe Zoom mode is gone and we have to get closer to each other...?

My preference is to drive the Storm which itself is putting oneself at as disadvantage against the Novas but I've found the thing becomes a LOT more drivable if you press "Q" which changes the way the remote turret works from being like ships when flying with Mouse where you pull to the side, it turns, and needs you to pull back to centre to stop it moving, to being more like on-foot where it only moves when you move the mouse, turning in the direction you move the mouse in and stopping as soon as the mouse stops moving. This change got me up to the dizzying score of 2 whole kills and 8th out of a field of about 12, which for the Storm is quite something. It's pea-shooter is just outmatched by the Nova shields. I thought energy weapons were supposed to melt armour in seconds after the shields were down but that doesn't seem to be the case, or the Novas shields regen too damned fast?

The one thing I noticed especially in the Good Doctor map or whatever that Plains map is called, is the sheer number of flippin' rocks littered about the place. While moving around that map it's like Sideshow Bob and a lot full of rakes.


Anyone else get a go in in that mode? How'd you do and what's going on with Turret Zoom?
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