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Sep 25, 2017
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Ugh... a wannabe Luxury ship with the entry point either form the cargo area or from the kitchen/crew compartment? A wannabe luxury ship that has two hight voltage power generator sitting right next the yacuzzi pool ready to fry your guest?

I think if you are looking for a luxury turing ship you'll have to go to the 600i, the Phonex looks like a '70 van repainted with a metallic 3 layer paint and alloy wheel: it looks fancy outside, but as soon as you enter it you'll realise that is still old and rusty.
I've never seen it as a Luxury touring ship as it feels more like a private business jet.

So more this.

Then this
Luxury Yacht Interior Design - YouTube

For me the 600 touring would be the introduction luxury ship with the 890 jump being the pinnacle and i feel the 890 jump is successful in that while the 600 really needs a complete makeover of the internal layout. So no I do not believe the Phoenix is a wannabe luxury ship and is successful in what its attempting to accomplish. (OK I'll admit it really needs a bathroom in the middle section but its not unusual for the bathroom to be located in or near the crew service area)


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Apr 25, 2019
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Just happen to find this tread on Spectrum, saltines asaide (that's an excuse for more beer...) it's good amount of good advice and not only for the MSR:

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