Mining Leaderboard Wrap Up

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Jun 19, 2014
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Mining Leaderboard Wrap Up

As promised this is the postmortem of the month long Leaderboard for Mining. First of all I’ll say all of you that participated completely blew all of my expectations out of the water both in the number of participants and the total amount mined. As you are all aware by now @Spiffman was the winner having pulled in over 14.7 million in sales. A truly awesome amount to be sure. You can see he now sports a nifty title of “Master Miner” on the forum. Runner up is @Glum with a total haul of over 13.5 million. And finally, third place is @mindfart who got a late start, but rocketed up the chart to mine over 8.7 million. Together, these three mined 37 million, or just over half of the entirety of the Leaderboard’s total haul.

Honorable mentions include @Stormfeather85 (BanditTransit)for over 6.6 million in sales and @IndigoSparkles for pulling in over 5 million. A total of 41 people, including myself, participated in this Leaderboard. By the end of the event, a total of 1057 hauls were accepted to be added to the table. The loads not accepted did not have the server date in the upper right corner.

Some Cool Numbers
  • Highest single sale, with bug- Mindfart: 281,599 aUEC
  • Highest single sale, no bug - IndigoSparkles: 274,776 aUEC
  • Average # of sales per person - 27
  • Average sale per person - 72,684 aUEC
  • Most sales - Glumm: 205
  • Highest average sale with 50 or more total sales - Black Sunder: 88,158 aUEC
  • Most Valuable Tech Assistance - Printimus and Microsoft Excel
Looking Back

Although the event was a major success, there are still things that could be better. I want to boldly emphasize that the Leaderboard is not a sprint to the finish but a marathon. We strongly encourage people to take their time and set realistic goals for themselves with the time they have available. Trying to sprint the entire month results in burnout very quickly, which is not fun for anyone. It became very apparent once Week 4 had started that people were mostly done with it all. Only the hardcore miners were still regularly posting with a few haul posts from others here and there.

Leaderboard updates may be updated less frequently than previous as @Printimus will be taking over this endeavor in the near future. I will be neck deep in Mining Guide updates and then Cargo Guide writing during this time and unable to run it myself. The reason for this is to just cut down on the sheer number of updates and make it easier on Printimus to keep track of everything.

Going Forward

Other than these two items, everything else worked out very well. Both Printimus and I are happy with how it turned out overall. We hope to see more people participate in the next one. The next Leaderboard will be posted shortly after 3.10 goes Live. If you have any feedback to give, please post it here. Printimus and I want to hear it and see how we can improve the next one.

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