Montoya responds to TechLinked video


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Nov 22, 2016
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Yeah, I had couple friends try the freefly.
They had heard a lot of bad, so they were fairly skeptical, and first half of the week we had a problem where one of them couldn't load in without crashing. But he kept persisting and the latter half of the ILW we did have all sorts of fun. (And all sorts of bugs, but the expectations were properly tempered beforehand.). Anyhow, they didn't rush to buy jpegs, but their opinion of SC seems to have greatly improved.


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Sep 25, 2017
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I am so glad our illustrious leader is willing to take us mere peons to the sausage factory.

One thing CIG does have to worry about and in fact Unreal showcasing this past week really illustrates this point is that the longer development takes to produce the game the more game engine technologies leave you behind. (its fundamental to all software development) And then you either get stuck in a endless cycle of refactoring code and art assets to take advantage of new technologies or you release a product that is no longer cutting edge.


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Feb 22, 2016
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Dearest of all Leaders @Montoya

6 minutes in (18 sec into LTT vid) and you already go full aggro mode on a simple factual true statement (game cost x taking y time, not released yet). It's what you could call worldbuilding, it's just storytelling 101.
It was not an attack on you, or SC or any of us cultists. This is not a kotaku article, it's a longer video and that was perfectly where it should be in it's context. The full on tirade you went on was totally unnecessary, and made us Star Citizenians look weak, like it needed defending!
No wonder they call us a cult...

Hail the Glorious leader @Montoya , Hail CR!

Showing an other side that the viewer can accept as credible is very important to make the whole video fair and credible. That beetvagina guy or whomever was neccessary to establish what the other side is about, what they think, and how they try to detract from the project. Remember, this video was not made for you or me who already knows what the refundians are and what they are like.
I made my friend watch the techlinked vid and just as I thought, he said that guy looked credible as a ture other-sider yet seemed to be the usual bitter idiot, and no factual backing was said or shown to the few things he said, so it to was the weaker argument. Showing that achieved it's goal of seemingly presenting both sides and thus making the whole vid fair and credible. The actual footage of them playing and having fun was way more then enough to balance it out later anyways...

You can't show the other side via someone like boredgamer whose entire life is dependent on playing and schilling For Star Citizen, and then call it "without an agenda" lol. Are you trying to run for office or sumthin, spouting utter bullshit like that?

The rest was well said, as usual! I'm looking forward to part 2.

btw if anyones interested, here's how the sausage is Actually made, and it is worse then you think lulz


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May 20, 2014
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Star Citizen and Squadron 42 aren't a scam, they are real products

that said, Chris Roberts is getting over in a big way

we put up all the development money, Chris winds up owning the Intellectual Property in a fully realized gaming/AR/VR content creation platform

we get Internet Pixel Spaceships, he gets to monetise the IP we funded for the rest of his life


Feb 13, 2020
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I could have gone on for a few hours, but kept it short:

Response videos should be like in Tiktok... 30secs, go, rant/bitch, end. :p
For added drama, you can add a 5secs Truffle Shuffle at the end, having said that .... we don't have a video of our glorious leader doing the Truffle Shuffle, it would make good intro for TEST gaming :P


Apr 25, 2019
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Sorry @Montoya but this time I think @Lorddarthvik has a fair point.
Riley has done a good video on SC, and while exagerating some aspect and including some BS spitter could be seen as a bad thing is defenetly how many peple percive SC a two way exagerate thing, so, for an introduction, is it a fair choice.
Down the video he is more fair and objective in the discussion of SC development and that is, in my opinion, while people liked it very much: becouse if show you some opinion and take none.
I feel this time you are a bit over-reacting and on the defense side... like you are while commenting some of the kotaku or other "click biting" video... in those case I applaude you, in this one... well, I'm not really confortable in support it.
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