Mustang Alpha loadout

Max Caliber

Nov 2, 2018
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Max Caliber
Nose turret is 2x S2, wing mounts 2x S1. I prefer similar loadout to maximize damage, similar projectile speed and get a close as possible pip. that gives you a few options:
  • laser repeaters: S1 CF-117 Bulldog + S2 CF-227 Badger. You need a strong powerplant when using laser repeaters. Spray guns which must grind down shield first before doing hull damage
  • Ballistic cannon: S1 9-series Longsword + S2 10-series Greatsword
  • Laser cannon:
    • S1 Omnisky III + S2 Omnisky VI
    • S1 NN-13 Neutron + S2 NN-14 Neutron
    • S1 M3A + S2 M4A
  • Ballistic gatling: S1 GT-210 + S2 GT215
Personally I prefer the Omniskys.

For gear you have:
  • 1x S powerplant
  • 2x S coolers
  • 2x S shield generators
Powerplant: Starheart
Cooler: Endo
Shield generators: Targa
Sweet thanks man, this is great info!
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