Okona's Left Hand Warthog Conversion


Jun 28, 2017
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So I've been following this fellow for some time, and he's finally gotten his left hand Warthog conversion up to snuff, for all you dual-stickers out there:

All the mold production stuff is at the old RSI forum, here:

Here's the spectrum thread:

And what I just unwrapped:
View: http://imgur.com/a/M22vs

The website is http://www.dualsticks.com/

Really solid plastic, and the work is immaculate. I have the 6th or 7th ever produced, and began talking to Okona in September 2016 (it's June 28, 2017). I think there's a bit of a waiting list. He'll also put the electronics in if you want to ship him your equipment, but I opted for the shells. On that note:

I plan on streaming the conversion for posterity's sake [see below]. It should be pretty fun as I've never popped open a warthog before (cougar yes, jokes yes). It'll be kinda boring, lots of screws, but anybody considering it might find it useful, that or you just want to join me nerding around with electronics for awhile.

Phew, hell of a first post. I've been on Discord and Reddit and what not for some time, just not the forums. Shive made me do this. Blame Shive.

EDIT: Only took like.. three hours? I was talking and going slow. here's the VOD
Might include a YT video later, where I can cut all the fat. (/edit)
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Sep 17, 2016
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I've been waiting for an invoice from Okana to buy this mod since January.. actually before that.. was on the waiting list since Oct 2016.... lol
I read somewhere he ran into health issues but got better recently.. so fingers crossed if I can still get one.
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