Players UTC + 10ish Discord?


Jul 14, 2016
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I haven't actually been in the Test discord much, but when I have it's mostly people not in game, which is fine, I'm happy to chat about whatever. But in my limited MP experience the best fun is with a group of people with audio comms. Since 3.0 came out I haven't been blowing up security, or hoping some one would take a shot at me. No way would I say that I'm a good fighter pilot, but I don't give up. I put the joysticks aside to trade and figure ways to make money, yeah big ships are a license to print money. Well, done that and bought a heap of shit to try out, now I want to get back to what MP is all about.
So are there time zone relevant testies who go in game on Discords or any audio comms other than Test? If so where? I created a server 'SCAnsible' I'll keep an eye on that most week nights from UTC 7:00 till 9 or so. Happy to chat, keen for group action, got a stupid amount of ships, cheers.
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Mar 15, 2016
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Usually TEST members who want to play MP, are present in TEST discord, but it is awful quiet lately due to the 3.0 problems.

When I play alone, then I try an instance. Is that instance not stable, then I switch to another region and try a new instance. The huge problem with MP is that you aren't very flexible with switching instance.

A stable instance is an instance where I can spawn ships without problems, I can change weapons without problems, no Mobiglas bugs, stable flight without hopping pirates.


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May 23, 2017
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SPAI SPAI SPAI :slight_smile: ... people w/o RSI profiles fishing for TEST members to join some other discord servers ... WTF ? It is always possible to get another channel in our discord (if there isn't enough already)