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May 11, 2019
RSI Handle
Hey guys! My name is Xaldin (Xaldarino on RSI)

I'm from Hereford England but study at a university near Manchester (I hate putting personal info out there :^) )
My friend introduced me to SC as he worked in their Manchester office and told me to check it out during the free fly week which I enjoyed a lot (Regardless of the bugs). Although I didn't experiences everything I ended up buying the game not long ago so I can play more of the current alpha 3.5 and future patches.

What do you look forward to most in Star Citizen?: Honestly I'm not to sure, I really enjoyed the exploration 100% without a doubt it was awesome, I'm curious to see how PvP will be since it seems engaging. I'd love to get more into the trading an economics of the game as that's what I'm most used to.

What was the first game you remember playing?: Jesus umm... For console I remember it being on the PS1 and it was called Break out. But for PC other than the games like Runescape, Darkorbit and Club penguin. The first multiplayer game I think I did play was either Crossfire (FPS) and Grandchase back in 2008.

What other games do you play?: Oh lord, I play too many and too much. Since I'm 22 now and been playing for over 12 years now on PC, I mainly play League of Legends (Over 10k hours), DOTA2 (2k hours) I dabble into most games like Overwatch as well as now Star Citizen :^)

How did you first hear about Test Squadron and what convinced you to join?: I was looking on the RSI website about Organisations (I didn't even know they where a thing!) I wanted to become a part of a larger one due to me feeling more comfortable finding new friends and people with similar interests of nerdy things like space, physics, maths, games, films, comics etc. I feel like I'd be more at home here than I would be with just a few people.

Picard or Kirk?

Picard, my dad would have told me to say that or he'd disown me since hes the star trek fan
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