Review of the alien ships on sale


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Nov 22, 2016
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Oh, those paints aren't half bad actually. I particularly like that the harmony paints have bit of a custom texture, so even if you eventually can just paint the ships whatever color in-game, those harmony paints still stand out with the texture. Think that's the direction CIG should go - paints being just new textures instead of focusing in the color aspect. I'd actually like it if the colors were customizable with the paintjobs.
Also, feel like the harmony paint is bit of a nod to Railen. As in. Ailen. As in. Alien.

And that gold paint, pretty cool as well. I'd kinda wish Gold was a color you could just use for in-game customization, but I can kinda live with it being a microtransaction.

Fully agree on BMM. As long as you warbond CCU chain it for half the price though. (New and old members, feel free to ask me more about that, I'll write you a book.)

Wouldn't go for the Shrike, not before they rework it.

If anyone is thinking of getting the defender, prowler or BMM, just a heads up, there are warbond CCUs for those ships at the moment. (Especially if you're going for the BMM, at least get the defender, prowler and BMM warbond CCUs, all of them. Maybe also wait for the IAE to see if you can fill more gaps with more Warbond CCUs, BMM isn't going to be flyable for a while anyhow, so you might as well hold off on applying those CCUs, see if you can get a better deal.)

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Jun 3, 2016
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Couple thoughts to share.

The Blade is useful if you want to specialize in ramming other fighter during jousting runs. That's what it is designed for and is good at.

The Railen never had broad acceptance, but I'm betting CIG will introduce an explorer version upon release. They want to sell ships and explorers outsell cargo ships by a wide margin. If when relieved of its cargo it had greater speed and maneuverability, carried an Ursa, had incredible range and enhanced sensors, this would be a great pick against the Aquilla. A version that can automartically store ores to eterior cargo containers using a ROC might be a winner as well.

The interior and exterior grav levs certainly rule cool so just a little more utility would tip it over the love line methinks.
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Oct 13, 2018
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Great update, thanks!

Regarding the Shrike - CIG is recognizing this in their sale as a 'hit and run' fighter. So in their own way, they also are recognizing that missile game play is very situational.
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