ROC 'em Race 'em Rover Bots! - Sunday August 23rd 2:00pm EST / 6:00pm UTC

Black Sunder

Rock Raiders
Jun 19, 2014
RSI Handle
That's right its time to get in your ROC and go at it in a free for all death match!

Start Location: Port Olisar
Destination: Daymar ArcCorp Mining 141
Purpose: Free for all Deathmatch!
Tool Needed?: Greycat ROC

Overall Plan:
  1. Spawn At Port Olisar
  2. Hydrate/eat food at olisar and load up into a transport.
  3. Travel to ArcCorp 141 on Daymar and begin spawning ROCs. Have Security disable the Comm Array and keep it offline.
  4. Head to a flat zone outside the Armistice, get in a circle and begin.
Last Things:
  1. Add @Black Sunder or @Lima-Seven , to your contacts beforehand.
  2. Buy Pembroke Hot Weather Armor and hydrate yourself before leaving Olisar.
Note: I have a couple ROCs for people to use if you don't have one.
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