Ship Showdown 2952!


Apr 15, 2022
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Great point and great analysis, thabks :-)
No worries - I'm trying to put together a list of ship packs and WB CCU's to try and help with fleet planning - Either the cheapest way for people to get ships at full price (via packages) if they don't like CCU's (the idea of them, or using them), or the likelihood of a ship getting a WB CCU in the near future if planning a chain (either for choosing a "start" ship for a CCU in the current sales, or filling gaps in existing chains) based on what has been available historically... Plus for the collectors, letting them know how to get certain skins or hangar loot\armor\etc.

I'm currently only in the planning stage (with a reasonable amount of data already: Over 120 packs with ship contents, still need to do bundled skins, hangar stuff, etc.) but hope to have a very basic site up containing the information in the next few weeks (assuming I can remember the PHP and SQL I haven't used in a few years).

As a related query: Could someone with access to "untaxed" prices confirm the price of 2 ship showdown packs:
Arrow Ship Showdown SC & SQ42 Combo
Mustang Alpha Ship Showdown SC & SQ42 Combo
Both packs show "save $x", rather than a percentage of the price, so I'd like to clarify what the intended price of the packages is. In Australia, they show as $107.5 and $67 respectively, which would make the package price (with removal of 10% local taxes) $97.72 and $60.90 which doesn't seem correct\likely... I'm expecting the packages probably cost $96.5 and $61.50, but would like confirmation if possible.
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