Star Citizen wins worst MMO business model award

Mich Angel

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Sep 19, 2016
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A thing I do is, never argue with a idiot specially if that idiot call him/her self gaming journalist...

Why you might wonder... well you can't win, the idiot only take you down to his/her level of thinking and there he/she is the expert of idiocracy.

So pointless to argue with idiots they self terminate sooner or later, most sooner but sadly some later.. ha ha ha...

Great video o glorious leader.. CHEERS! 🍻 🍻 🍻


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Feb 22, 2016
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Well, I actually do sometimes read Massivily Overly Primitive! But only if it pops up in my feed with something interesting, and this piece didn't, or the title was too long and didn't include the name of the game and I skipped it. That's how long clickbait titles bite you in the ass lol
I'm kinda surprised they pulled this kinda silly piece, cos I remember reading their short and to the point reporting on SC patches and events. Those were mostly factual, non opinion pieces, bare bones really.
" patch x.xx is out for SC and you can now fly N new ships, use voice chat, fly new mission type Z. The new ships cost xxxxx houndred gajillion thousand billion dollars. The End."
So my point being is that at least one urinalist there, who is actually a backer I think, was up to date on SC and didn't write this kinda bollocks.

Also they did have some pretty okay opinion pieces on WoW and WoW Classic with correct information and reasonable arguments.
I expected more from them I guess. The guy responsible for writing about SC must have been on holiday, or got fired for having the wrong opinion.

It is also entirely possible that I'm confusing this site for another one with a very similar name lul


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Sep 28, 2017
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When reading their trash it always reminds me of the episode of South Park with the girl that is actually a semi self aware ad that doesn't realize she's an ad.
They're so in the tank for large traditional publishers that everything they put out is either to boost large traditional publishers or bash anything that comes along to your large traditional publishers, but seem to be willfully ignorant of that being what they're doing.
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