Suggestion - Spoiler indication at threads list level


Space Marshal
Jan 5, 2016
RSI Handle

It's got to the point in the game where some serious progress is coming on and data-miners, Evocati leaks, leaks from Devs and other sources are starting to reveal some nice upcoming goodies....

All well and good if you are in to knowing that now rather than when it arrives, however for those of us not wanting to know even a thread title can reveal all. What has been seen cannot be unseen. I noticed on a recent one where it had linked to something called Reddit (whatever that is) that platform has a "spoilers" indication which shows at thread list level. I assume you can set your settings to hide or obscure any thread with that marker.

TEST forum has spoiler hiders that you can use IN a thread, but is there any way of having it show at the title level that can be added either by the thread maker or a Mod if deemed to reveal too much, so anyone not interested in finding out shizz early can remain blissfully ignorant either not clicking on spoiler threads or having them outright obscured from the threads they can see?

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