*taps mic* Is this thing on?


Dec 3, 2018
RSI Handle
Hail Test Squadron! Did somebody call for a Medic? 🚑

Garik here. I'm an Original Backer, who owns a small fleet (to my wallet's dismay, currently a Grand Admiral and don't plan to go beyond that).
Don't really plan to join TEST proper at this time, as I do run my own small Search & Rescue org, albeit mostly inactive atm (UEE Space Rescue and Recovery Service [SRRS]).
Though I'm happy to be an associate/friend to the org! I don't turn down aid to anyone and it would be nice to have friends in TEST. When not running other SAR missions or MED work, I'd be happy to team up and fly with you guys and gals (sobriety obviously not guaranteed). I'm assuming you'll need all the SAR support you can get with all those blow up Auroras. 🙄

Edit: While I'm the more noble & caring type on my main, I do plan to have 1-2 alts who have strayed from the path of righteousness some. ^_^' In that regard, I'm interested in hearing about the illicit uses of the Science pods on the Endeavor for... 'product' creation. I doubt it'd ever get introduced into the game (at least not for years) but would love to see biological substances/diseases able to be er harnessed?

Where you from stranger? West Virginia, USA
What drew you to Star Citizen? Lover of all things Sci-Fi.
What do you look forward to most in Star Citizen? My primary goal is Search & Rescue and Medical.
What was the first game you remember playing? Commander Keen? No.. that was DOS. Ghostbusters on C64? NO... Frogger 64!
What other games do you play? Overwatch
How did you first hear about Test Squadron and what convinced you to join? Probably somewhere on the SC forums long ago.
Picard or Kirk? Picard. I myself might be more like Kirk but Picard is the man and who I'd want in charge.
EDIT : If Kirk, new Kirk or old Kirk? But if I did go with Kirk... then new. >_>'
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