TEST Beer mugs, shot glasses, patches and vinyl decals!

Feb 28, 2015
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How much does that machine cost? Do you have a link? I can donate toward a fund raising goal to get you one.
I haven't done enough research but that's awesome of you to offer!
We would also need the workspace.. we live by the one toy in one toy out rule..
I guess we could get rid of the kids toys.. they have too much and they prefer cardboard boxes anyways ;)
Will keep you posted if we make the executive decision!


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Mar 12, 2014
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To follow up on the vinyl, is there any kind of coating I can apply over it to make it more permanent and scratch resistant.. and maybe dishwasher temperature safe?
In theory, applications of clear nail polish can help prolong the life, but over time it gets scuffed and shitty looking. Anything that would take off the nail polish for a fresh clear coat would also take off the vinyl. You basically need a layered plastic cup sandwiched around a colored test logo. Which would also get all fucked up.

May I suggest a set of can/bottle cozies instead? Those you can do some awesome stuff on, and don't need washing! :slight_smile:

Edit - Also, for our annual Ace Race this year, we had some coasters printed up, and they were amazing. I think they ran about $5/each printed. Oval limestone coasters with a cork adhesive backing. Example: http://i.imgur.com/fxJqGax.jpg
Mar 11, 2016
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can someone please post the outer diameter of the beer mugs, I am wanting to make a set of leather coasters to give away within test. I need to make sure the set is large enough to handle test mugs.
thank you


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Jul 17, 2014
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They're right at 4 inches in diameter at the base.
Jan 4, 2017
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May I ask a question about the Beer mug, will it crack easily if it gets too hot or too cold ?

I got a few mugs over the years that the heat from either the dishwasher or pouring cold beverages in, causes the handles to crack off and start to break.

I ask for anyone else's experience in this. Paint me interested in the mug if it is not cheap dollar store glass, no offense to anyone or anything intended, just trying to be careful here, because I am genuinely interested in this mug.
Don't put cold liquids in hot glassware. Cool it down gradually with some tap water before pouring in a cold brew.