TEST Kitties BEST Kitties!


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Feb 22, 2016
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Can't find any good pics at the moment.
We have two cats, they were both adopted, but stayed with our parents when we moved out with my wife.
The first one I picked up from our yard roughly 10+ years ago, during the winter. He came to our door to beg for food, and I always wanted a cat so I convinced my mother to let us take it in. He was a good looking well groomed cat so we hung out poster, but no one was missing him so he stayed with us. You can guess the name by the color scheme 🙂


I don't have a picture of our second cat at the moment but he is your usual stray house cat colored lean little bastard. We got him from a friend who found multiple baby cats in his backyard in a box one day. He stayed with my mother in law, and is enjoying the suburb life outdoors.


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Mar 15, 2016
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That is one fluffy monstrosity!
Yeah, we had some incidents with mice, so my wife told me that she wanted to get some cats.... mouse traps also do a good job, but whatever. The parrots will like the new friends.
Then she told me that they would be a little bit bigger... OK, no problem, whatever, until a huge box arrived. What the hell is in that box? The cat climbing tower? Nope, it is the cat toilet....... wtf, which brand are the cats????? Maine Coon, but not the XXL version, just the normal version. Google Maine Coon...🤔 omg, hopefully not the long haired version: wrong again.
Ruby, the red one looks like a poodle every spring since he can't handle his long hair
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