Where's the gun thread?

Han Burgundy

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Jan 15, 2016
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My desire to get this is exactly like my desire to get AIDs from Natalie Portman

On the upside: Sex with Natalie Portman! (M203)
But on the downside: AIDs (Literally everything else in the picture)
Jan 5, 2016
RSI Handle
Well I cant talk because I spent a part of last week thumping arrows in to foam versions of fluffy woodland animals.

My best shot was getting a Meerkat in the groin, giving it the appearance of having a very long but very thin errection. That is one Meerkat that shall never be a father.

I'm now looking at joining my local archery club - I now see gun ownership can be like this, both guns and bows only have a single use - to destroy stuff - but both can be used recreationally as well as for more sinister reasons just as anything can.
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