Will SC ever be released - out of Alpha or Beta?


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Nov 12, 2016
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I'm playing it every day, loving the gameplay loops, and enjoying new content every few months(ish) so as far as I am concerned it is "released" and only getting better. Some days I ROC mine, others I ship mine, maybe do some PVE bounties or PVP bounties, or do FPS missions with friends, do some medium hauler trading (high volume is pretty broken right now), heck sometimes I do delivery missions for a change of pace. Will my progress eventually be wiped? Yes, but I am okay with that as it does not prevent me from enjoying gameplay (in fact it ensures I will eventually get to enjoy the satisfaction of earning those ships in game again!) In many games I often wipe my own progress to experience the satisfaction of hard work rewarded again. Granted, I have no interest in SQ42 so there is that, lol. This is just my PERSONAL opinion and outlook on the game and not in any way an attempt to say anyone else should feel the same.


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Jan 5, 2016
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It almost seems like they came out with FPS... gave us star marine and stopped. The economy should have been one of the first things done but still in 2021 were sitting here. Maybe this game is progressing so slow that what other AAA games do in a year takes CIG 10 years to do. Who knows, but I do think they are trying to add content.
The short of it, CIG did not give us the proper tools to entertain ourselves. My opinion. Again, I am not saying the game is bad, I am just saying there really isn't much to it.
Many thanks for this, I think I can see where you are coming from now? Apologies if I had the wrong end of the stick from your original post :like:

Shortly before the whole pandemic thing rolled in in 2019 I'm sure I recall them saying there are is a bunch more of the game built and waiting to be implemented but they are nearing the edge of what they can physically fit in without having Core Technology working like Server Side Object Container Streaming as I believe was the example at the time. It's noteable that Delamar and Levski were removed in the latest patch to make room for more Stanton content.

I can't find a reference though, so that's of little comfort - But perhaps focusing on getting more play into what little game we have at present may not be worth while if getting the Core Technologies on line may have a drastic improvement? I think this is one of the stumbling blocks for getting much Game in the game, though. Where there is play to be had, like Mining if that's your thing, there is fun to be had in the 'Verse. I do agree even the 'Verse's most limited Trading mechanics leave much to be desired right now and with the most recent patch destroying returns, there are a lot of players who enjoy that side of things twiddling their thumbs making scraps while the same time spent doing Bounty Missions brings in big bucks...

I suspect until the tool box has all its pieces of core tech, we're sat here twisting our nuts with pliers instead of spanners.


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Aug 26, 2018
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2-5 years. This time frame will be the make or break for the game and the company IMO. It has taken a long time, granted, but they have made some major improvements over the last few patches, and pieces...while still broken, are staring to come together. If they can keep the momentum and regularly produce something tangible (i.e., xeno) to demonstrate progress, but that's a big IF....
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