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Sep 9, 2019
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You wanted some cat pics, cat pics inc. The black and white cat is my oldest Denali., He is around 9 years old and I got him when he was smaller than a cable remote and fit in the palm of my hand. He also hails by the name of Nugg. The grey one Khali aka blueberry because she is fat and round like a blueberry. We also got her right from birth, she is the youngest but keeps Denali on his toes. Then there is snobby uptown girl Winnie aka winz. Winnie is an F4 SBT Savannah cat and multiple show winner, hence the nickname winz. She has mothered multiple litters of show winning cats as well. Believe it or not she was a rescue as well. Her breeder had her spayed as soon as she was out of her prime and sold her off to a young family in my Jeep club. I got a call one night from that family asking if we wanted her because she was viscous. We went and met her and took home immediately. She is far from viscous, she is the smartest animal I have ever had and on a level like no other. She also has big freaking teeth lol. Well there ya go my cat pics. Animals are probably my biggest passion. i have raise so many cats, dogs , snakes and various other animals and also laid to rest more than I care to remember. I am Scott,woomdawg, The cat guy and now you are all stuck with me Ha!

The pack.jpg

The pack.jpgwinz chompers.jpg


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