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    Some info finally - Perseus

    After comparing this to the Polaris, I feel like the Polaris has to grow at this point. I hope I'm right on this ^.^
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    PS5 Reveal

    I just don't understand why it needed to look like an Alienware console instead of a Sony console XD
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    In for a penny.. in for a pound

    Welcome to the Dark Side :p
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    Coronavirus COVID-19 Thread

    It means that the government care about the people the minimum they need to, to keep exploiting them for their own gain. In the US, government = rich peoples club. Government likes to have their wage slaves continue to make money for them. If we die in small enough amounts, we can easily be...
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    Stupid social media influencers get arrested

    I once had faith in humanity. I don't remember when that ended at this point.
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    Coronavirus COVID-19 Thread

    My company just said that it's important for us to risk our lives for peoples ability to buy computers at the last minute. They've even petitioned the governor of each state a store is located in to consider us "essential retailers". No PTO if you get the virus. Also if we die they aren't liable...
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    Kingdom Come Deliverance FREE

    Thanks for the heads up. I've had this in my Steam wish list for a long time. Having a blast so far ^.^
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    Crytek vs CIG - Final round

    80's ^.^
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    Vent here please - Thanksgiving My Brother's House

    I got out of the hospital today \o/ Will be gladly eating Turkey with the family. I hope you all enjoy the holiday in whatever way you choose.
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    PC Part advice plz

    If you get an M.2 for speed be sure that it's an NVME drive rather than a Sata M.2. Also be sure that said Motherboard supports the NVME drive. The M.2 form factor alone does not make it any faster :p As far as NVIDIA vs AMD goes. NVIDIA ensures you have a better experience at a premium. AMD...
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    My Experience with ADI, Atlas Defense Industries.

    Trying to start a cult Successfully running a cult. We love you glorious leader! ^.^
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    9/11 - What were you doing when it happened?

    I was at school in the fifth grade. In Ohio so New York feels rather close in the grand scheme of things. I just vividly remember the teachers leaving us in the room while they huddled in the hall with explicit instructions to not turn on the TV.... so of course we turned on the TV. That event...
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    [Video] 890J review

    I have 0 use for this ship. Happier to be a Polaris owner honestly. It's certainly pretty though.
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    NIER AUTOMATA must play. Music is gorgeous.

    Yeah Nier Automata was a wild ride. 10/10 would play all endings again.
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