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    Nvidia event is starting now

    F in chat to the people that bought a 2080TI recently like me :( Still epic news though, nice to see a real upgrade at a decent price offered by these monsters
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    September Subscriber Flair

    Team colors are cool I guess. Color matched for the armor sets is meh, let's see the standouts.
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    Ashes of Creation, what New World wanted to be?

    Looks really promising. That fluid node system would really keep things interesting. I haven't had the pull to jump into a fantasy MMO for a good while, but I'm watching this one.
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    If you pre-order Star Wars Squadrons....

    EA!? no no no
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    In for a penny.. in for a pound

    Sounds like a Spai! And already questioning leadership!? Our glorious leader Montoya will easily steer us into any ice planet he chooses. On a less serious note, we have a Spai only bar set up so we can all chat more privately. Feel free to join me at the Spais Private Alcohol Intake Saloon.
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    Theaters of War should be going to Evocati soon!

    Nice! Wow, that's great news.
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    Welcome back!
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    Coronavirus COVID-19 Thread
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    Best runabout?

    Tali. Grab the $150 base. It's quick, and packs a punch. It has lots of room, and you can upgrade later with modules. Really good deal.
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    Yo, Ellie here :)

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    Server status?

    I was able to get in this morning. Checked out the displays and such, pretty cool. Got booted when I tried to QT out, now stuck at char creation again.
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    Luxury ships - what's the point?

    Ya man, I don't have any luxury ships, nor the extra cash to fund them. Got some workhorses in the fields I'm looking to get into, and then earn the rest in game. Honestly, the funding keeps coming. Let the rich mofo's keep tossing in $$, better for the game, better for us. The skies will be...
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    Coronavirus COVID-19 Thread

    oh man, what did I walk into? shut this one down
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    Carrack should be out soon. Its in the latest 3.8.2 game files

    Ah yah! Long wait for this one
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