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    Fit's like a glove .

    A metal turducken
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    The future of gaming

    Crazy. Guy I work with was into World of Tanks for over 10k, and some tower/castle game (game of war?) for another 10k He said it was to speed up leveling.
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    Ship Matrix

    BMM that is all
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    What games are you active on.

    Elden Ring, COD
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    Most wanted ship ? .

    BMM, for all that is holy give us those pixels.
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    Old Citizen.

    Nice, wish I had done that. I upgraded right away "This will be my SC rig!" lol, I've upgraded twice since then
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    Old Citizen.

    About to hit 50 myself, so you're not alone. Mind you, most of us are almost 10 years older than when this started. Please release before we die out!
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    Drake does it again…porta-potty for a toilet

    I have PTSD from BMM hype The longest, most anticipated, nothing sauce jpeg I've purchased but never owned
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    PSA- BB CCUs are full price now.

    Yep... I'm looking at 9 pages of useless CCU's lol
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    Tex's OG LTI Shop

    See updated list. Thanks everyone!
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    PSA- BB CCUs are full price now.

    Shhhiiiiit... I was not ready for this
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    Add a Santa hat to your Avatar

    ok why not
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