1. mr-hasgaha

    My Star Citizen Screenshot Contest for JANUARY is live with BIG prizes; ends Jan 25

    ALL THE RULES, DETAILS & ENTRIES HERE: Hi all, My last Star Citizen screenshot contest ended back in November and I decided to skip the month of December to focus time on family, the holidays, and work-related projects. To make up for skipping December...
  2. mr-hasgaha

    My Star Citizen Screenshot Contest for November is live; ends Nov 29

    ALL THE RULES, DETAILS & ENTRIES HERE: Hi all, October’s Star Citizen screenshot contest just wrapped up and we’re launching right into November’s! This month’s contest will work the exact same way… except with new prizes, a new theme (“Close-up“), and new...
  3. mr-hasgaha

    Star Citizen Camera Controls Tutorial

    My updated Star Citizen Camera System Tutorial is FINALLY done. It's a 30 minute long deep dive into the system. I go into great detail on all the camera options and controls including Depth of Field (DOF), Field of View (FOV), Offsets, Zoom, and Freelook while pointing out restrictions and...
  4. mr-hasgaha

    My 42 Favorite Star Citizen Screenshots from 2019

    With 2020 and Star Citizen Alpha 3.8 in full swing, I thought I’d look back through all my Star Citizen in-game screenshots from 2019 and pick out my 42 personal favorites. The collection below spans from Alpha 3.4 all the up to the early days of Alpha 3.8. ➡ View them on the...
  5. mr-hasgaha

    "The Mercenary" :: a "The Mandalorian" poster recreated in Star Citizen

    A fan-art created by me based on artwork from “Star Wars: The Mandalorian” using in-game screenshots from Star Citizen Alpha 3.6 - 3.7. Here's the Mandalorian poster mine is based on. And here is my screenshot that started as the base of the poster. Here it is on the RSI Community Hub.
  6. mr-hasgaha

    Tribute to the Space Penguin (my Ship Showdown contribution)

    As time goes by and more vehicles join the Star Citizen universe, I ALWAYS end up going back to my Avenger Stalker as my most versatile and aesthetically pleasing vehicle. It’s fast, nimble, packs a punch (dare I say, "above it’s weightclass"?), can accomplish a number of missions, can take...
  7. mr-hasgaha

    “Space Be Crazy”: Star Citizen Movie Poster

    The Star Citizen subReddit held an “Arts & Crafts” contest recently. I decided to create a full size, printable, mock Star Citizen movie poster for my entry. The Contest The subReddit contest was divided into two categories; each category will have two winners decided by popular vote: SC Art...
  8. Doc Shaftoe

    Some Screenshots from last night's Alpha 3.1.1 adventures.

    Wasn't quite sure where to share these, but I figure that if I knew exactly what I was doing I wouldn't belong in TEST. Every time I play Star Citizen I'm reminded by just how skull-crushingly gorgeous this game is.
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