1. DirectorGunner

    Ministry of Truth Announcement

    MINISTRY OF TRUTH ANNOUNCEMENT As a Ministry of Truth officer, it is my job to help with TEST propaganda. In the past, I have helped with such things like https://testsquadron.com/threads/gunners-motion-graphics-thread-test-propaganda.10805/...
  2. Lordgarrett99

    got my custom test apparel! very comfy and dope!!

    original thread: https://testsquadron.com/threads/decided-to-get-some-custom-test-apparel-111-spent-on-dope-stuff.17601/ IM SO WEARING THESE TO CITIZENCON 2021 :D
  3. wmk

    Test Squadron CFT April 11, 2020 - Sample High Framerate Video

    Cut down to 4:41, selected scenes brightened. Is it bright enough now, @Cugino83, @marcsand2 Looks like Asteroids video game, doesn't it ; )
  4. DirectorGunner

    Which one of us did this? lmao

    Mechanic ‘Accidentally’ Fires Vulcan Cannon & Obliterates F-16 Sitting on the Runway https://www.warhistoryonline.com/news/f-16.html
  5. GriffinGamingRPG

    Join us for the "Covalex Takeover Party" this Sunday!

    Hey TESTIES! Sunday and I'd like to host a FPS "Covalex Takeover Party" at 1:00 PM EST. I can't recall anyone doing a team FPS event there and I think it will be a first for TEST Squadron. I'm hoping we can create two teams large to see who can either take or hold down the abandoned Covalex...
  6. DirectorGunner


    Where has the time gone? :wut: Here's to the future 🍻
  7. Wolfy


    Rules to get your song added to the Playlist: 1. ONE per person. I had to put in in capital letters because it's not a number and letters are hard. 2. It must be on Youtube, or possible to be illegally downloaded by a 13 million Aps bot. 3. It must be sutibly glorious to project to @Montoya in...
  8. Arron Rift

    I photoshopped a Test Squadron Mercury Skin for you all : )

    I made this to celebrate that our Glorious Leader has added a Mercury Star Runner to his fleet. Enjoy : ) P.S. I made this a few weeks ago but couldn't seem to post it in the main area. If a mod wants to move it to some other section feel free. Edit: fixed the logo, thanks Sraika
  9. DoctorProfessor

    Mobile Gaming TEST

    Hiya folks, Dr.Professor here! Looking to see if anyone would be willing to join a few friends and I in a mobile strategy game, not entirely dissimilar to the old Tribal Wars or Clash of Clans and the like. "Game of Thrones: Conquest" - as titled is set in Westeros. I'd hoped that some of us...
  10. DirectorGunner

    Contribute ideas and lyrics for TEST cover music videos?

    So I get occasional ideas for fun videos for TEST propoganda... I am currently looking for a cover band to re-record a parody kind of version of Premise something like "We built this verse, on alcohol" If you have any ideas to contribute for lyrics and in game engine shots or scenes that we...
  11. Snowianth

    Bored and have nothing to do ..?

    So as mentioned in the title, you are waiting Star Citizen download third or more times again, or else you are just generally bored and have nothing to do. Well.... I was a bit bored yesterday and while I was doodling i had an idea, what if i just scan this linework version and post it here to...
  12. Thalstan

    Things Testies do...

    So last night in 3.0, I am online with another member of Test . We are doing some cargo runs and I am looking at doing some recon on Daymar in my freelancer to see what prices are while he goes to Cellin to grab some medical supplies (or vice). I am about 20 klicks out of the arc-corp facility...
  13. FoghornF16

    Ooopsy... Looks like TEST is racing again!

    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xLYLC3v5IGA What? You guys held a race and didn't tell me?
  14. Jolly_Green_Giant

    TEST pet update.

    For those of you who don't already know, I have a huge admiration for a man named George Hull. He is the artist behind the Orion and the Reclaimer, as well as scenes from movies such as The Matrix, Star Wars, Blade Runner, Jupiter Ascending, etc... Well looking on his facebook page, he posted...
  15. Grisha

    WTB Test pins.

    I received a test pin while I was at gamescon, but it's annoying to move it between the lapels and collars of all my jackets, so I was wondering if anyone would be willing to sell me a batch of like 5+ test pins. it'd be really appreciated.
  16. GrammarGestapo

    The TEST communication gap

    Hello, I am GrammarGestapo, pro chat necromancer from the days of yore. I have been here every day for over three years, and for nearly as long I have noted a disturbing difference between those who chat in voice, those who type in text chat, and to a lesser degree those who haunt the forums...
  17. Grisha

    A proper test Friday

    My prep for the gamescom earlier. A good sampling of Dortmund's beers.
  18. DirectorGunner

    Which Aurora is your favorite? No TAKE BACKS!

    So, I was curious... if you only had to pick one Aurora model... and that model you had to play for your entire life in Star Citizen. Which Aurora model would it be? Choices are: Aurora LX Aurora LN aka Legionnaire Aurora CL aka The Clipper Aurora MR aka Marque Aurora ES aka...
  19. Harkuno

    TEST Fitness?

    Hi all :slight_smile: Remembering back to last year, we had a thread by Hero9012 asking if any TESTies were trying to be more active (link here). Seeing as this year I'm taking part in multiple Tough Mudder events and building up my own fitness, I kinda want to share my current training...
  20. GriffinGamingRPG


    Date: June 1, 2017 PRESS RELEASE from TEST Squadron Ministry Subject: Statement of Affirmation to ALL Star Citizen Organizations “Our glorious leader, Montoya has a magnetic personality and exudes positive energy, which is infectious to those around him,. He has an unparalleled ability to...
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