Aloha, fellow pilots...


Jun 9, 2023
RSI Handle
Thank you for let me join your ranks.

I'm just a nomadic pilot from good old germany.
Always on the lookout for other man's trash or medical gown's *laughs*
Just a professional nutcase that looks foreward to do some serious crash testing inside of star citizen.

I'm an scifi & fantasy nerd on an older gamer rig.
Star citizen was right on my radar as it first saw the light of day.
But there wasnt much to do in the early years. Wich suited me good as I have to many intrests and dutys to be 24/7 into a single thing.
Still I'm here now to find my bearings as an member of an active community.

If you see me or my rusty cutter around.. then better strap in.

See you in the verse.

<3<3<3 xxx Princess_Tanaka xxx <3<3<3

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Do you belive in god?

If... then only in the great harlequin. Because laughter is king!

Describe your charakter in one sentence?

Errr.... A mix outa Wing Commanders Maniac, Jar Jar Binks, Captain Picard, Captain Janeway and a dose of Mushrooms.

What you do for a living?

Well... the normal stuff. Star CItizen Package-Gurl, Trash-Man, Hobby-Salvager... Sometimes I even manage to shot down a ship *giggles*

Wich ship would you like to own one day?

I'm not settled yet. There some nice ships. Maybee a cutless or a corsair. Even a fury seems fun in some regard. But why only ships? I'm all in for a bike or an cozy tank as well. Hopefuly there will be colorful paints for the tank *laughs*

The greatest Sin in your life?

That would definatly be Coca-Cola!

Your perspective on life?

Shaka... lets do it and get mad about it later.

Picard or Kirk?

Why chose? They both have their good sides!

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

If you have questions just ask :-)
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