Am I missing something? Alot of hate and discontent...

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Jun 3, 2016
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Shadow Reaper
I can understand all of the delays, save that I still think they ought to be bringing ships into game at least at the rate they are selling new ships, and that is not happening. It does not appear to me they are attempting to get designs into the hands of players at optimal pace, since they make so much releasing a new design, and not so much when it makes it into play. It seems to me there ought to be at least another two teams of two making ships playable, just in order to keep up with the pace new ships are being sold. Four guys working hard seems small price to pay for better player satisfaction, but what do I know. . .

Well I know the Reclaimer should be out by now, and the Carrack, and the Redeemer, and a bunch of others they were selling 2-3 years ago.
Nov 2, 2017
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I dont know where you have been hanging out, but from my side its the exact opposite.

TEST Squadron has had about 1000 new members in the past few weeks, the biggest influx ever!

Everybody I talk to is aware of the bugs, but also excited about the progress.

Those who understand the state of the game and where its headed are more positive than ever!
This. Big time. Well, for me at least.
However if you are trying to troubleshoot problems and find how-to's etc re: 3.0 you will find so much hateful salt its not even funny. Birds of a feather I guess

Just now I actually made it to Delamar in my Cutlass Black, and was able to get in and out of my ship, and then promptly crash from error 10002 lol, but the whole time all I could think to myself as I flew close over the surface of Delamar was "I have never been so excited to be able to fly over such beautiful dirt in my life! This is breathtaking"
It really was just incredible. CiG is taking this good places, just be gonna be a little longer to smooth everything out, but in my opinion, this is so cool... even with its bugs and issues



Nov 21, 2017
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Ok its a buggy pile of festering Cow Feces , but it's fun playing about in 3.0 . i don't have too many expectations , but there slowly chipping away at the bugs and in the short time i've been fucking about with it , there have been some good improvements . So far i'm happy with it .


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Jan 20, 2017
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Well a lot of the crying has come because the people who have access to this current 3.0 PTU build shouldn't have access in the first place.

The move to allow people to test these builds if they subscribe was a mistake i hope they don't repeat again in the future.

Honestly even in these forums we have people whining about these builds without realising these are glorified Evocaati builds and the only reason they have access in the first place is to be guinea-pigs to help get a smoother rollout of 3.0 to LIVE status.

This is why i didn't join the impatient masses and subscribe, because i knew it was going to most likely be a bugfest.

The people who just whine about "oh my god ma frames" without submitting bug reports or following instructions posted to reduce issues should be banned from future PTU builds and only have access when it goes live, as they clearly aren't suited to the disappointment that comes with playing a TEST REALM.

Anyone fitting the description of the people i mention who are whining about these builds, i'll make it very easy for you.



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Apr 23, 2014
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You can be angry and still support the project.

3.0 is literally a year past due. This is not a hyperbole or a fabrication, 3.0 was originally supposed to launch in late 2016.

It's okay to be upset about that, a year delay is a long time.

It's okay to be frustrated at the state 3.0 is in right now- it's not fun to play. That's a plain fact for a lot of people- it's buggy, the FPS is frankly absymal, some ships are still broken (e.g. like half the Cat's doors don't work, EVA hatch doesn't work, "parking sensors"), there's very little content right now.

People want to hop into 3.0 and want it to be worth the nigh year delay, and right now it's not. Will it get better? Maybe. Every patch (well....almost every patch) makes it better. But "getting better from a buggy mess" and "being good" are two different things subject to everyone's personal opinions and bias.

It's also really easy to just shout stuff like "stop crying, stop hating, stop whining, stfu if you don't like it!", which doesn't do anything constructive except giving yourself a pat on the back for defending CIG.

Fact is, pretty much the same thing happens every major patch. AC 1.0 was the "big patch" that would fix things! Added in the Mustang and Gladius, missile mechanics for EM/IR/CS, and fixed a bunch of bugs! It was also like 3 months late, and people got bored of it pretty quick. There was also the hilarious bug where if someone was playing in a Cutlass, it would crash the whole match because the death animation where it spun off into bits ate all the server memory. Good times.

Then SC 2.0 was the "big patch" that would make SC playable and enjoyable- finally a big open map, with multi-crew ships!!! Then people realized that server/client desynch was fucking absymal, turrets were practically useless to use, and that at that state there was really nothing to do besides fly around to the comm-links and look for some fights.

Then 2.6 was the "mega big patch"- STAR MARINE (weeks, not months :ok_hand:), and people were stoked. Then it dropped, and people realized that it's, per usual a buggy mess.

It's the cycle of hype and disappointment. Part of the Alpha/Pre-Alpha or whatever we're at right now, but I can't really condemn people for getting hyped about the NEXT BIG PATCH THAT FIXES EVERYTHING!!11!! when people, both on here, reddit, and the official forums, act like Jesus complied every patch from liquid gold.
Feb 14, 2016
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The Saltiest Pricks out there either do not know, are Saltly to be Salty, or are willfully ignorant to the point, that CIG's Dev Cycle is a Massive Outlier. PTU isn't Play space, it's the Testing space. It's going to have bugs. If you think it is bad now, consider the shape it must be in when Evocati touches it, or better, their own Internal testing.
More times than I can count, a code deployment that worked perfectly in Dev and Test shat the bed once it hit Production.
By logging in we accept that there are bugs and in our best selves, report or update a report.
Sep 19, 2017
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I'll say again, those who are disappointed or upset about the state of this software need to walk away from it for a while. But for the record:
A build was released today, PTU-679448. I played it for 3 hours, no crash. I was flying a cutlass black, because it had been problematic and unflyable in previous builds.

All in all, the only really bad problem was the frame rate, it never went over 20 FPS, and averaged around 12 or 14 I'd say. I would love to be able to see how many polygons are being rendered, and at what distance. I don't know the command, or even if there is one. The LOD just does not feel right. No CPU spikes this time, cpu usage never went over 64%, but there was a LOT of disk action at times. This is also possibly due to LOD. The only other thing that might be causing this is the network protocol. It seems to be awful chatty. These (LOD and Network Protocol) are the two most difficult things to get right in an MMO on the client side, by the way. On top of this, CIG also seems to be having some server issues, but at the moment these seem better than previous.

The Cutlass flew like a champ! Sort of. 4 minor issues I noted but all had workarounds except the last one.
  • First problem was acceleration, the cutlass black rolls and pulls to the right like a mini-van with a flat tire. It corrects itself, but just beware of it for now.
  • Second issue was related to fuel. The system reported the cutlass was low on fuel, but when I went to cryastro it cost 1 credit to completely refuel. That doesn't seem right.
  • Third problem was related to Mobiglas. When attempting to leave Cryastro, I noted I'd lost control of mouse and keyboard movement commands. The HOTAS still worked. Couldn't select a destination either. Fix was to set velocity to 0, and stand up. Couldn't move at all but opening the Mobiglas and closing it seemed to do the trick. Control returned, no issues thereafter with it.
  • Fourth problem was all the way to Daymar, landed in a fairly large crater. Walked around the ship, and noticed some plants growing nearby. I went over to check them and as soon as I turned around, the Cutlass vanished. Total time outside the ship was under 3 minutes. A friend was coming to get me but had difficulty finding me - and I was hungry so we just logged out.
Nov 2, 2017
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Just got off a server, clean and fairly smooth with very few lockups. One guy said uptime for him was 6 hours on the server, but amount of truthiness to that is anyone's guess.

Have to say 3.0 has been getting better and better for me, and I only hate my Nox now which is a plus I think (it's the only thing in my fleet that still tries to murder me for no reason and at every unexpcted opportunity) and although I would not consider the game "fun" or polished at all compared to any released AAA game at this pre-3.0 stage, I can see where Star Citizen is going and it's gonna be sooooo good...
Jan 31, 2016
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I had about an hour of semi-solid gameplay today on patch AH, FPS ranged from almost 20 (which is a miracle for me in a PTU) down to 0.2 which is beyond unplayable, but that was at Levski with no doubt 30-40 of my closest internet friends, was averaging 10-15 FPS on my older rig which is not bad for PTU. Was seeing some heavy memory leaks which was new for me in this build, up to 17GB (on my 16GB memory and 4GB pagefile).

Even in the buggy state and with me not making any attempt at missions due to unplayable state I am enjoying the builds and putting in bug reports or validating existing bug reports, that is why we are here prior to Live.

As others have said, the thing for me is not the current state of the game, because it is awful for me, rather, the end-state they are aiming for and making progress towards is what I am in love with. I assume there are more missions out there and once the build is stable enough for me to get decent FPS I'll try some of them and hope for more variety than we had in 2.6.3.

Where we are may suck, but where we are headed is downright glorious.



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Sep 7, 2015
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I was in and played for a bit today. There were a couple slowdowns and I noticed the client was using close to 10GB of memory on my desktop.

People really need to remember this is an Alpha release on a test server. It's not going to be anything close to stable right away. I've managed enough development projects to know every time you put the software into someone else's hands they will find something no one else even thought of or thought anyone would be silly enough to do. They are putting out patches pretty fast and the system gets better with each patch.


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Dec 3, 2016
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I think people do not understand what being an alpha tester is. I hate playing anything in alpha or beta stages. So i hardly ever get much play time in for SC, most games during development only use a small number of alpha testers and its not open to the public until its very close to release. The majority of people knows this and the only ones that cry about it is a small % but that small % are always on forums and very persistent to be heard. Its getting there and at this point I'm seeing great progress toward an awesome outcome.


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Feb 10, 2015
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I also want the game out soon, and in good working condition.
However CIG needs to work, there is no magic button to make it go faster.

And no matter what CIG does, there will always be people who complain.
I've seen soo many people complain since the SC forums went live, my ignoring skills are up to 9000 !

Also, 3.0 is awesome !
its finally a major milestone for everything else to come, and its working albeit buggy.
Keep in mind, I've seen many more citizens who praise 3.0 at the moment.
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Aug 20, 2016
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As others have said, the thing for me is not the current state of the game, because it is awful for me, rather, the end-state they are aiming for and making progress towards is what I am in love with. I assume there are more missions out there and once the build is stable enough for me to get decent FPS I'll try some of them and hope for more variety than we had in 2.6.3.

Where we are may suck, but where we are headed is downright glorious.

My sentiments exactly. The game is progressing. It may not be progressing as fast as we all want, but it is moving forward. I also think that things are about to speed up exponentially now that these major systems are (more or less) in place. There's also the fact that everything is pushing forward all at once.

People are working on 3.1 right now. Supposedly it's a 60/40 split between 3.0 and 3.1. This also isn't counting everyone working on SQ42, which I am hopeful we will finally see a release date during the holiday livestream. Once SQ42 arrives, I suspect there will be even more resources diverted to 3.1-4.0. The next couple years might actually see this game filled out and maybe (just maybe) a release date.

I didn't back the project though for a guarantee. The game won't be perfect. However, if there's even a chance the game turns out like we hope, I think it's more than worth the time and money. I love playing MMOs. The genre has become so stale though that when something like this comes along, I have to take a chance on it.


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Oct 30, 2015
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Reddit, Youtube, and various other outlets have really stepped it up with refund tutorials, dissatisfaction videos, etc.
Good bye...Good riddance
Hope the door hits them in the ass on the way out....

I don't want to spend the next 20 years playing with these 'gamers'. Do you?
Hell no.
Don't like what you see? Get the HELL OUT OF HERE.
Go back to EVE On Line & My Little Pink Pony and chase desktop icons around your monitor.
I hear EA some more 'games' being developed.

Star Citizen is for Real Gamers.
Star Citizen is for TESTies.