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Apr 8, 2017
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Not too sure where I want to go from here. I've got a fairly well balanced Solo/Small crew fleet which will allow me to do pretty much whatever I want regardless of how many crewable players are on. Would love to branch out a bit more into to the small/medium multi crew ships but we'll see what happens.


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Jan 5, 2016
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A slight change in roster this year, the Trusty Taurus and short lived Hornet melted to make a Starfarer:


With a change in lineup comes a few name changes:

Gretcat - Mario
X1 - Juicero Dream
M50 - Sofiya
Aurora LN - War Rocket Ajax
350R - Zero Hour
Sentinel - Lopeta Tama
Starfarer - The Murderers Child
Endeavour - Ambergris


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Jul 29, 2017
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Every fleet is beautiful and valid regardless of size or dollar amount input 💖💓
I believe that the "BEST" fleet, is that which helps its owner feel content with where it is at, at that moment, to help them achieve those tasks that they plan on enjoying in the Verse when possible.

And that 3500 SCU for the BMM has to be up in the air. Either the BMM is going to get a good bit bigger, or much like the Carrack they are going to force it at the 160m mark and reduce the SCU. I have a feeling they are going to keep it at the 160m rather then it straying into real capital ship territory and needing those components.

I have one, I think even if they cut the SCU in half like the Carrack it will still be a good ship.
Given that the BMM was concepted to be longer than the 890J & the 890J grew from 123m to 210, I suspect that the same sort of growth will happen to the BMM to keep its overall scale in tact. According to lore (as I recall), the BMM is the Capital ship of the Banu race fleets. As far as the SCU numbers for the BMM presently, I'm pretty sure that those were based on the old metrics & haven't been updated yet.

Chip Hazzard

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Jan 1, 2018
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I have been working on my fleet, and here it is as it stands at the moment...

I am looking at mostly Bounty Hunting / Search & Rescue / Mercenary work, with a bit of Exploration and salvage on the side

Ranger CV / Dragonfly Black - Ground work
Hawk - BH / Mercenary
Vulture - Salvage
Cutlass Black - General purpose
Cutlass Black - BH
Cutlass Red - Search & Rescue
Vanguard Sentinel - Mercenary / BH
Vulcan - Search & Rescue (repair/refuel) / Support
Mercury Star Runner - Data / General purpose / Smuggling
Apollo Triage - Search & Rescue
Corsair - Exploration / General purpose / Smuggling / Mercenary
Caterpillar - General purpose / Cargo

Have done a bit of jiggling about, and have now ended up with $230 left in store credit, so was wondering if anybody has any ideas on what I could use it on? Would be quite happy to upgrade my Cutlass Black or Caterpillar, or maybe go for another ship? Not sure yet.
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