Hi all! Hope you guys brought cargo straps, cuz all i got right now is a valk!

Dec 6, 2018
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Ratheos Allastair
So I was just rolling around Hurston in my Valk all alone with my beer in hand with Johnny Cash in the background, when I thought to myself, maybe i should join an org with actual people playing the game? So far i have only had a few random people to party with in the Valk, mostly as a taxi. So far most people don't stick around once you get them where they're going. The last guy jumped out before we even got to PO! I don't know what got into him but before he jumped out he declared that I was the worst pilot in the universe! Maybe if I didn't have to leave my throne and try to prevent his apparent suicide by jumping out the airlock then maybe i wouldn't have almost crashed into Crusader! I almost dropped my beer trying to help that fool to! Anyways, hello fellow beer lovers! Hope to see some fresh faces in the 'verse!


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Aug 27, 2018
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Wait... someone accused you of being a lousy pilot... and you came to TEST? Do you know we actually celebrate lousy piloting? The only thing I can right now is Welcome to TEST! ... ... Ok, where the hell did I put my beer THIS TIME?

Sorry, there were two things I could say.
Not lousy, drunk. And suicidal piloting - but only for laughs.
Sep 19, 2017
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Whalecum to TEST!

True TESTies don't drop their beer, excellent.
In my defence, I didn't drop it, I put it somewhere "safe". It's not leaking onto the floor so it's still there. undropped.

EDIT: I found it! It was on the table near the front door - and there's a perfectly valid TEST like reason why I forgot I put it there.