I Think I have a problem (5 years with Test)


Space Marshal
Jun 26, 2015
RSI Handle
Since I have joined up it has been a crazy ride with you guys.
Even though you guys don't play enough Destiny with me.
No other Star Citizen org is as drunk as you guys, and that just makes me feel good about myself.
During my time here I have made some great friends and good memories.

Hello to all the people who I haven't played with and are thinking, "who the fuck is this guy".
Early on I thought you guys were just a bunch of drunken gamers, now I know the truth, you are a bunch of sad drunken gamers...
Lately, I have been hanging out a lot with my best testie @Blind Owl who I have been playing with since around when I joined Test.
Please be great to each other, I look forward to playing with some of you over the next 5 years.
Stockholm Syndrome.JPG

Blind Owl

Hallucinogenic Owl
Nov 27, 2015
RSI Handle
Who is this guy?

Seriously though . . .who is this guy?

@sum1, my geek-spouse (as my IRL wifey calls him); you rock. Thank you for many years of nerdy happiness. I look forward to carrying your ass through many more Destiny raids/dungeons/crucible matches. As always, don't feel bad about your lack of skill: it's only because you're too sober too often.

Love you!
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