[idea] TEST-Piracy

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Jan 1, 2015
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I'm a thug, not a griefer. I want to do things for profit, not for cruelty. I want open communication as well. If the people I'm attacking are good sports about it, then I'll take less or offer them a trade. Heck, if I'm attacking some ship out there and he / she contacts me and starts trying to sell me stuff, there's no way that I could continue the attack without hearing out their entire selection.

If players show me that they are willing to work with me, then I'll be willing to work with them. Starting the whole attack with open comms and a pirate themed song will likely be my trademark. I mostly just want to help the outstanding and good TEST members by getting them things from the shady side of the verse. My order of helping people goes, my friends, TEST, myself, then everyone else and in that order too. I will help TEST before I help myself.

I spent too much time in other games being ganked by people who simply wouldn't communicate, or engaging people only to have them rage into chat. People will always be a lot happier about their situation if they're given a choice in proceedings.
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