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Jan 28, 2016
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Came across this posting on the Endeavor on Reddit (
View: https://www.reddit.com/r/starcitizen/comments/3n0sgg/comprehensive_endeavor_pod_and_pod_configuration/
) by SC_TheBursar. I found it pretty interesting and had some good alternative variants you can put together;

Comprehensive Endeavor Pod and Pod Configuration reference
by SC_TheBursar

The Pods
Slots - Since all items so far are symmetrically paired it really comes down to if they take 1 or 2 slots (currently no 3 slot items). An Endeavor has 3 slots to fill
Limit - if there is an artificial pod count limit even if more could fit
Supercollider$1252-Item Enhancement
Telescope$12511POI discovery, Do Science
Biodome$10012Grow food & 'herbs'
Medical$752-Heal, Respawn
Landing$7511Ship bay, taxi stand
General Research$451-Do 'Science'
General Science$451-Science -> UEC
It is implied that the General Science Pod is only really useful, at the moment, if you have a General Research and/or Telescope Pod to provide input to monetize.
Prepackaged Configurations
The prepackaged configurations come with the hull itself and a set of pods. Each package also provides a monetary discount compared to ala carte pod purchases.
Name: Disovery
Discount: $40
Pods: SEAC, General Science, General Research
Purpose: Perform general science and sell the resulting information. Provide extra crew housing to help perform said research
Note: If you find yourself with an excess of berths, flip your SEAC for a Landing
Name: Hope
Discount: $50
Pods: Medical, Landing
Purpose: Home base to SAR Cutlass Reds, medical services, mobile respawn point, possible human experimentation, possible 'facelift' services
Name: Olympic
Discount: $50
Pods: Biodome x2
Purpose: Growing of crops, herbs, and 'herbs', experimentation on creating new versions of plants
Note: It is advisable to add a Landing pod to your Olympic to provide ability to move your goods and resupply without needing to bring the whole ship
Name: Master Set
Discount: $100
Pods: 1 of each
Purpose: The Master Set is not a valid Endeavor configuration. Instead it provides option to setup most any other configuration and leave the rest of the pods at home. Note: to turn a Master Set into an Olympic you'd need to buy an additional Biodome.
Other suggested ala carte configurations
The primary consideration for many/most configs will be whether to include the landing bay as it seems to be the most versatile and most beneficial add-on.
For configurations, assuming the current note that a GSP is only useful when teamed with a GRP or Telescope holds true for the moment.
Name: Deep Spotter
Pods: Telescope, GSP, Fuel
Purpose: The Deep Spotter uses a telescope to generate points of interest - derelicts, asteroids, maybe even jump points. You keep the best ones for yourself of course, the rest are fed into the GSP to provide some cash flow. A fuel pod lets you get way out into the big empty.
Name: Spotter Baseship
Pods: Telescope, GSP, Landing
Purpose: The Spotter Baseship functions like the Deep Spotter, but rather than focusing on being able to travel as far it acts as a central base to send out scout ships to inspect, or exploit, its finds.
Name: Payday
Pods: Telescope, GSP, GRP
Purpose: Packs as much opportunity as possible to turn science into data to sell, with a telescope and GRP feeding into a GSP.
Name: Smash'N'Go
Pods: Supercollider, Landing
Purpose: Provides access to its supercollider to upgrade items - either as a storefront or privately to associates.
Note: This probably should have been a prepackaged ship.
Thanks to the sizes and limits there are few other configurations that make sense.
  • A Medical without a Landing loses a lot of its purpose - otherwise teaming it with Biodomes or a GRP would have been nice.
  • Same with the other size 2, the supercollider.
  • A landing, fuel, and SEAC config would mean a large crew could go out there and explore but leave no ability to do the functions only an Endeavor can do - you'd have an undergunned/underdefended Carrack that costs more.

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Nov 27, 2015
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I told myself my fleet is done. I don't need anything more. Speculation for the Endeavor pegged it at around $2000. I was like they are probably right, the ship is basically 3 different capitals rolled into one. Today they priced it a $1000 exact. I was like Dang.... LTI Master set for that much is really a good price. So melted my fighters which I never use and would be cheap in game anyway, used a 20% coupon and snagged one for $295.

View attachment 14394

The advantage of large library is that you will always have something to melt to obtain something else.
1. Amazing! Good on ya. I'll be happy to be inside you. Er, your ship. Your big, sciences ship. Hehe
2. 1000 now? Another increase without any warning, haha. It used to be 900 for the master set.
I do wonder if they will ever find the time to build it and modules considering how long the BMM and carrack (much smaller ships) have taken are taking. Its always interesting to have a flexible ship though.
I think it's SQ42 needed vs not SQ42 needed. Once SQ42 hits beta we'll see SC assets flying off the shelves.
My Endeavor has the Super Collider, the hangar and is called Ambergris.

It is the flagship if TEST Weapons Research Lab (TWRL). If TWRL doesn't become an official TEST group, it shall be called TEST Weapons Independent Research Lab. (TWIRL).

We are currently working on the TP-20,000 Toilet Paper Gun, the Avocado Cannon, and the first thing I shall do when the ship becomes flyable is throw a big box of fridge magnets into the Collider to see if it turns it into a cap-ship EMP, or if it just explodes a bit.
Have I mentioned I love you mind?
My Endeavor has the Telescope Array and is called Voyeur.
I have no honorable intentions with the ship.
What's an "honorable"?

Also, kids, team up with @Grimbli. Y'all are going to have the Endeavor fleet. Put them all together and that will be the hub that us smugglers and salvagers and privateers come to with parts and contraband.

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Jan 28, 2016
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Jump Point 3-10 from October of 2015 had some additional pods that were suggested but not developed yet, like a zoology pod for live specimens.

[From Jump Point 3-10]

Zero Gravity Laboratory Gameplay: Ties into the overclocking system that we’ve discussed in the past; players who perform their overclocking in this ‘clean room’ environment might have a better chance of success, or some other appropriate buff to the process. The idea is that this is the best possible place to overclock components, and it either increases the ease of the process or it adds something extra to the end result. Reference: A microprocessor factory, like the egg lab from Jurassic Park.

Deep Space Observatory Gameplay: The Deep Space Observatory ties the science ship in with the exploration mechanic. It could have two missions: Generating science data that can be sold to the UEE (fly out to L5, take X number of photos of these coordinates, travel to the corona of this star and take three samples, etc.). This would earn Credits for the players, and also contribute to an overall ‘knowledge level’ of the world. (So you’d have lots of players working together to try to increase the completion level of individual locations. Think the Mass Effect 2 probe game that everyone kept playing even after earning more than enough resources, just because it was satisfying to see all the planets turn over to depleted.) Performing longer-term tasks that can result in the discovery of potential jump points. The possible jump point coordinate is the reward, which can then be sold for big Credits OR investigated with a player’s own explorer ship (Carrack, Aquila, etc.). Players would likely pair the DSO module with Shield Array pods (see below) for protection in many environments. Reference: James Webb Space Telescope; I’m imagining a larger, centralized module that expands outward while in use (antennae deploying and the like).

Pod/Drone Bay Gameplay: A launch deck for between one and three small utility pods. These would be hardened mobile pods that can be flown by an individual player to investigate more dangerous phenomena. Need a core sample from a comet but don’t want to fly your expensive research ship into the tail? Into the pod! (I picture players adapting these for their own uses; quietly planting an explosive on an enemy ship, pod racing, emergent gameplay!) Reference: The personal pods in 2001 and 2010.

Botany Lab Gameplay: Worlds undergoing the terraforming process need carefully curated plant life to establish their ecosystems! Using science data generated by other modules, players could be challenged to find similar worlds (star type, orbit, etc.) as the one being terraformed, collect plant life (via store interface) and then ‘grow’ it exposed to the sunlight of the new system. Boils down to a variation of cargo, with a baking mechanic: you have to go to a particular place to grow your plants and content with random encounters (pirates, solar flares, etc.) until you can sell the load of plants for Credits. Reference: The hydroponics domes in Silent Running.

Zoology Lab Gameplay: Purely for collectors. We know we have players who are eager to collect fish (and presumably other items) from our various worlds … the zoology lab is the place to display them! It’s the maxed out, mobile version of our existing fishtank (to which we’d add terrariums and other environments for disparate critters). Reference: Behind the scenes at an aquarium or zoo; the museum in Animal Crossing.


Ambulance Bay Gameplay: Small flight deck capable of supporting a Cutlass Red space ambulance and similarly sized ships. The medical ship will launch these ambulances on search and recovery missions, either in a known battlefield or responding to player/ NPC requests. Their job will be to locate and stabilize wounded people for transport back to the mothership. Players will presumably also use this to create their own brittle mini-carriers. Reference: The helicopter deck on an Arleigh Burke-class destroyer (with the associated decontamination room).

Operating Theater Gameplay: The operating theater module of the ship is the highest-level personal repair facility available without shipping the patient back to a planet. This is where any of the highest-level FPS body repair stuff can happen — replace lost limbs, fix damaged organs, etc. The operating theater could also be used for darker purposes — pirates might adapt the ship for body reconstruction to hide identities, or for performing illegal body modifications. Reference: Any actual hospital, or any of the relevant work we’ve already done for Squadron 42.

Rest and Recovery Gameplay: This is a lesser tier of medical facility. The operating theater focuses on treating a single patient; the rest and recovery module has a lineup of beds intended to stabilize multiple patients at a slower pace. Part of your job as an S&R crewman is to triage cases and determine who needs to be treated in the Operating Theater immediately. Reference: Same as ambulance bay.

Storage Gameplay: Additional refrigerated storage for medical equipment. For gameplay purposes, it’s a closet used to store extra material that you’d use in the Operating Theater and Rest and Recovery modules. It would also be a cool set piece for random encounters and boarding actions: idle medical equipment, fresh limbs growing in bacta tanks and so on. Reference: Same (with a mad science spin)


Living Quarters Gameplay: Additional standardized living quarters for passengers. Non-intuitive: beds, windows, tables, bathrooms. Reference: n/a.

Cargo – Bulk Gameplay: Standard empty cargo space in which to store any freight. Reference: n/a (could be the same crates used on the Hull series).

Cargo – Tank Gameplay: Standard cargo space in which to store any liquids. I only break this out because I think it will be a cool visual to have a tank full of liquids on the ship … especially when they blow up (ref the shield towers going down on the Star Destroyer in Return of the Jedi). Reference: Any water tower.

Shield Array Gameplay: No special gameplay, beyond dispatching players here to repair damage to the shields. These are support modules that limit the overall space available for the player in the ship and add a buff to the ship’s overall stats (idea being that it includes an extra shield generator that can provide more protection during research missions). Reference: n/a.

Defensive Platform Gameplay: A set of turret mounts that can be used in place of a ‘functional’ ship module. For example, a hospital ship that wants additional protection can essentially decide to trade bed space for guns. Reference: n/a (the turret mines in Wing Commander IV are a good example of distinct turret modules, though).


I love reading about how the design process behind this ship, and as you can see they really left it open ended for tons of different modules in the future. I myself would love to have a Market/Bazaar module coupled with some extra cargo space and the hanger module to compete with the Banu Merchantman and new Kraken Privateer. Or an ore refinery/processing module coupled with the hanger and General Science Pod, you could land a prospector in the hanger and get premium ore that's worth more. Last but not least you can be a mobile jail and have a prison module, then take on contracts from the UEE for confining both NPC and player criminals. Couple it with a hanger and the defensive platform to fight off the bad guys who try to free their buddy. This ships core modularity feature makes it so much more than just a science ship. Its more like a customizable mobile space station.


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May 9, 2015
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I melted my Endeavor today! Along with all the modules I had for it. The ship was LTI ..modules weren't LTI tho.

But then bought it all again! This time it has ALL the modules! And all LTI as well. I was missing the fuel pod, crew quarters and medical module.

Costed me 145 bucks. I think it was a good deal.


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Nov 30, 2017
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Bought it first day of the concept sale haha. Picked up the gen science, gen research, telescope, collider, feul and crew pods since. I love how it can kind of be whatever you want it to. It's the ship I'm most excited about and I'm dying for ANY morsel or tidbit of info about at date/production schedule/etc...driving me crazy!


Dec 3, 2018
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Came across this posting on the Endeavor on Reddit
I just came across that post and was pasting it in here when I saw ya beat me to it 😏

Soo this guys observations made me wonder. States how having the Medical without the Landing Bay defeats it's purpose. UNLESS.... (for those less-lawfully inclined), you set up a spawn beacon on your Med unit and let players respawn at it, only to realize that not only do you not have a landing bay for them to summon their ship... but in fact this Endeavor is outfitted with an extra SEAC pod as a prison/detention unit (ie. you enslave everyone who spawns on your ship, then sell them as slaves). 🤫🤑


Jun 17, 2018
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And I got The endeavor as stand alone, with each module add-on.... in buyback...
..... I did a thing.. 🧐 ....👀

🍺🍺🍺 🍻🍻🍻......
Did the same thing last year when I was drunk... got me sober quickly the next day ... but not for long ...

Bought it first day of the concept sale haha. Picked up the gen science, gen research, telescope, collider, feul and crew pods since. I love how it can kind of be whatever you want it to. It's the ship I'm most excited about and I'm dying for ANY morsel or tidbit of info about at date/production schedule/etc...driving me crazy!
Well then, your torture might continue. This was discussed 3 years ago:

"[Is it CIG's current plan to have all announced ships flyable at commercial launch?] No? Depends what you mean by commercial launch. You can buy the game right now, so technically it's been launched commercially. Everything from before the Endeavour should be before the end of the Beta."
https://www.reddit.com/r/starcitizen/comments/4dxvl3 View: https://www.reddit.com/r/starcitizen/comments/4dxvl3/not_all_ships_to_be_completed_by_launch_from_rtv/

Which means at that time (April 2016) it wasn't planned to release the Endeavor before the end of Beta and there's no other news that might have changed. We Endeavor Owners will probably be among the last served ...

So what can we do?
Find religion?
Take it as boost for our Karma?
Or simply drink 3000 more beers until we finally see this one fly?
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