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Jun 19, 2014
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What sold me on it and why I upgraded my Corsair to it was the interior design and being more of a support combat ship. These days for multicrew ships I look at interior design even before what role the ship serves. Its why I harp on the Mercury so much.

I find the nautilus interior to be very functional looking and livable. Its not going to get boring just walking around the ship a few times like a few other ships have been. It has several rooms that someone can hide in and it has 3 decks. All this together to me makes the ship seem very well thought out. I like its support role but also the fact that if needed it can be right at the front dropping these mines because of its increased shielding.


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Oct 8, 2016
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More info on the Nautilus, collected by people on reddit: View:

I'm sort of conflicted about this ship. I would probably like the mine-sweeping more than the mine-laying. The people who were former EVE players in chat this morning were excited about all the griefing and ganking opportunities, but it seems CIG has been thinking about the gameplay elements and are working on making the gameplay more nuanced than just simple griefing/ganking.

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Jun 3, 2016
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I love everything about this ship and the new gameplay it’s intended to introduce. I can see reasons for a fleet to own many, and I’m especially interested in just how quiet it can run. I can envision flying half dozen into Vanduul space to lay traps a day in advance of an assault. There’s just so much rich strategy to be had with this. Imagine a lone Sentinel broadcasting a false sig of a squadron of Gladius approaching, and swarms of Vanduul fighers flying head long into firey death! Just so cool. No other game comes close.

Given this is Aegis, it could be it’s wearing some stealth already. I’d certainly want to see stealth recon fly in advance of minelayers, and the Nautilus itself could need stealth escorts to keep it safe during ops, but once a minefield is in place it can offer incredible advantages in combat. Keep in mind the most effective minefields are where an enemy would not suspect.

As soon as mines are in game we need to test various ways to clear them. Methinks they’ll be very hard to hit with standard weapons and probably impossible to lock S1 missiles on. I’d like to see what the Prospector’s continuous beam does to mines. Mixing shooting and proximity mines could make them very hard to remove without the drones.
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Jan 5, 2016
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