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Jan 5, 2016
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It's an interesting one. The Carrot is supposedly ex military so you'd expect survivability, but the MISC Endeavour explorer cab is supposed to be so tanky it can survive the Corona of a star so any explorer stable mate you'd expect to inherit the same or similar genes...?


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Nov 17, 2015
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Would this new MISC explorer be a good opportunity for CIG to soak up a few of those BMMs in the market by pricing it accordingly to ccu to?
I mean, how would it be if they mentioned it had the ability to set up a couple of storefronts and trade when out exploring lol?


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Jul 29, 2017
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Excited about the possibility of a MISC Explorer.

I wonder what features it will have to set it apart from the Carrack, really hope its not just a MISC version of the Carrack but has something unique/compelling about it that sets it apart (not just the style).
--Maybe some part of it separates for exploration/emergency situations?
--Included space for hydroponics/garden/specimens?
--Some experimental type of engine/system with its own Pros and slight Cons
--Some kind of special heat shield that allows it to get closer to stars than other ships? (maybe this will allow only this ship to land on certain moons/planets that are too hot for others?)

Who knows!
The best theory I have is that based on lore & a few ships, MISC has worked with the Xi'an, so it might have some Xi'an features that would cater to a different niche of exploration in a size larger than the DUR.

I'm not a fan of MISC ships in general, and the only BIG ships I like have small crew requirements... but I'm a sucker for ARGO and their utilitarian ships. This year, I may reach Space Marshall. 😨
If you reach Space Marshal this year, then congrats in advance. If not, congrats when you finally do.

I think I'll be a little miffed if it upstages the Carrack as a top-tier exploration ship. . . so instead I'm hoping for something that's more along the lines of a mini-Endo science vessel!
From my perspective, what makes the Carrack the top tier Exploration ship is its combined features & game play, but also that it has heavy armor to survive in extremely hazardous environments. So even if this MISC ship ends up larger than expected, it might not be superior by having less features or survive-ability.

Carrack was already sold as top tier, so its not going to undo that.

Its probably something Connie sized, long range, fast QT, space for a vehicle.
Based on how Jared was hinting at big, I'd guess somewhere between a Cat & the Carrack in length.


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Oct 6, 2014
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At the end of the most recent ISC, Jared describes it as "big". id guess something at least carrack sized. Back in the ship talk during citcon, it was suggested to be a competitor to the carrack. At least at the time.


Apr 25, 2019
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Hmm considering the enphasis that CIG is reccently putting on mining (new backpack, new hand mining tool, new refinery ship etc...) I won't be surprised if the MISC ship will be small version of the Orion. After all there is a big gap beteween the MOLE and the Orion at the moment, and mining alsways seams to be in a good spot for new integrations.
Maybe a ship that combine a couple of S2 minig turret with a refinery and a small hangar for ROC? It will be an all-round mining station mid-way to the Orion...

For the Argo my bet are on the refinery ship we had a white box sneak peak some months ago.
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