PSA: TEST has no sister, affiliate or weird made up shitty relationship with any other org


Sep 28, 2017
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We can achieve that by showing up with all the Javelin’s too. And that’s more fun.
1x Aurora: TEST Saying, "Hello."
10x Auroras: TEST Saying, "Get off my lawn."
100x Auroras: TEST Saying, "Our name is TEST Squadron, you spilled our beer, prepare to die."
1,000 or more Auroras: TEST Saying, "@Montoya ordered your extermination, prepare your friends, family, pets, neighbors, business associates, and the random people you occasional greet in passing to join you in your chosen afterlife."
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Shadow Reaper

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Jun 3, 2016
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Shadow Reaper
So next time some shitty 20 man org claims they are a sister org or affiliate with TEST, tell them to. . .
Stop beating around the bush. What did you really want to say?

Heh. Toys rocks when he's pissed. I just don't ever want him pissed at me.

400 Idris? Really? Well my aren't we all waaaaay studly? If only we had 400 sober pilots. . .then we'd be a menace.

But totally serious, kudos to Toy's wisdom. He is so totally right on this. Don't try to play politics before there is a game.
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