St. Patricks Day(Stella Fortuna) Sale - A lot of wait for next to nothing


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Aug 28, 2016
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Man I hope not. We need a Cutlass Green, the environmental friendly future pile of space debris. By Drake.
Check out the all-new 2949 Cutlass Green, from Drake Interplanetary. It's the first and only ship made from 100% biodegradable components. The Cutlass Green is also the only ship to feature the newly redesigned 8th generation Musk battery bank for extended range¹, and more power² when you need it. And now thanks to the new solar panel option, you won't have to worry about finding a Quantum Charger station, just the nearest star to recharge³. The 2949 Drake Interplanetary Cutlass Green, see your local dealer for more details.

¹Average range in testing is 3.5 AU
²Power output is equivalent to 90 MJ
³Time to recharge from 10% to 90% using only the optional solar panels is approximately 17 hours with full sun exposure from a distance of 0.7 AU from an average G-type main sequence star. Charging from Class O or Class B Blue giant stars is not recommended under any circumstances.


Space Marshal
Jan 5, 2016
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I want a Space Pub.
What I can't decide is.. should it be orbiting a planet or land locked on the surface?
I think it should be able to move, so if anyone runs out on the tab you can chase them without having to leave your drink behind.
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