Take a trip around a new rest stop in 3.6


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Jan 5, 2016
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Thank you, Glorious Leader!

Lol reading the comments in chat while you're flying around "Guys I'm making a video so type in that that Montoya sucks and his videos are terrible", "Montoya smellz" and "I heared that Montoya makes trash content" the HERECY in the Glorious Leaders own video!

As for the resolution watch everything in 240p and you wouldn't have known.
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Oct 30, 2015
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Cool video. Thanks.

---> You forgot to point out that the Gladius (being used as a test bed for changes to all the ships)
---> no longer has the Own Ship & Target Ship in the HUD (Heads Up Display)
---> This is much awaited change that will be implemented in ALL ships........
Just thought TESTies should know........Nice clear field of view for combat (I mean exploration).
** Own Ship & Target Ship will be disp[layed on the top two MFDs **
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Jan 4, 2017
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Yes, new HUD is amazing and a big step in the right direction after all these years!

I saw this yesterday.

Here's a list of things we need:

1. The HUD needs to be actually legible in all environments
2. Vector indicator that is easily visible at all times (TVI/ATVI not always video - see image) (OP says this is planned, so hooray!)
3. CVIs need to come back; I'm hoping their absence on the Gladius is a bug
4. Weapon heating, status, and ammunition, like we had years ago
5. Pinned target displays, like we had years ago
6. Thruster overheat indications (this can be visible on the ownship pane, similar to the thruster stats triangles we had years ago)

7. Closure rate indicated near target pane, like we had years ago
8. A target directional indication that isn't impossible to see or 3D for no reason at all
9. Target brackets that show target orientation, like we had years ago
10. The ability to see how many missiles are locking/locked onto a target, like we had years ago
11. The option to use a 2D radar, and make the 2D radar functional again, like it was years ago
12. Landing zone display when gear is down, like we had years ago

13. Quantum travel UI that isn't cluttered to hell for no practical reason, like we had years ago
14. A radar altimeter
15. A proper missile locking cone display / animation that isn't obnoxious and impractical
16. A threat indicator (directional indication of incoming fire or missile locking/targeting with threat rings)

I had forgotten how much functionality we used to have that had been lost.
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