[Video] - State of the Squadron 33

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Blame Munken.

Prospector Commercial - Rock Raiders A Hero is Born

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Join Dave Costigan as he defends the Star Citizen universe against a diabolical rock alien invasion! Available on any mobiglass September 9th 2948*. Brought to you by Musashi Industrial & Starflight Concern. See your local authorized new and used dealers for your own prospector today! This was recorded in its entirety within the Star Citizen game engine! For a prospector commercial contest ran by CIG. Contributors DirectorGunner (Script, Directing, Recording, Voice acting, Editing) DarthMunkee (Script Development & Revisions, ingame Acting, Voice Acting, Edit Reviews) RELEASE_7HE_NUT (ingame Acting, Voice acting, Edit Reviews) Music is from Star Citizen Game files 1st Track: music track number 252432057 2nd Track: music track number 286705481 The contest details are on RSI's Spectrum https://robertsspaceindustries.com/spectrum/community/SC/forum/3/thread/misc-prospector-commercial-contest and submissions (other entries)...

Forum Software Backend Upgraded - Frontend WIP

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Hey all, As you might have noticed, the forums are looking different after last night's upgrade. This was due to the fact that the software we were running on was horribly out of date and continuously breaking. While the backend upgrades are now done, the front-end part is still in progress. Pretty exhausted after the upgrade so I will try to finish up the frontend Soon tm If you do see any nasty bugs, just replay below with a screenshot please!

[Video] First look at early access game: SCUM

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Second vid:
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