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    Mining Guide Updates Blog

    Thanks Varvik Yes he has helped me in the past, I was just looking for someone who has the same HOTAS&Rudder pedals that mostly mines. It seems that all the guides are for combat.
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    Mining Guide Updates Blog

    Is there a setup guide on how to configure the, Thrust master t1600 Joystick, Throttle , and Rudder Pedals. I'm only into mining and hauling right now, so I am looking for a setup to fit that style of gameplay. I thought I would ask in here because it about mining. Thanks for any help Ozark
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    Dual Monitor question

    I would make sure it has 3 Display ports
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    HCS Voice pack review

    Ok thanks I have an old pack called ANNA. not sure where I got it. I'm thinking on just modifying it but I do not know where the sound files are.
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    HCS Voice pack review

    Are the HCS voice packs updated to 3.5? Thanks
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    Simrig update: It's DONE!

    All I can say is iRacing
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    Fleet planning

    My plan is to just spend 10 or 20 dollars a month on UEC. When the game launches ill have a fat bank account to start with.
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    Post in here if you are definitely not a spy!

    I guess we are going to need a new Group. What should we name it?
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    Gone for a while

    Hope everything turns out ok. Ozark
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    T-16000m FCS Hotas / Rudder Pedal Setup

    Thanks for the picture. That will help also. Problem is I cannot even get into the game right now. Ozark
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    T-16000m FCS Hotas / Rudder Pedal Setup

    Thanks marksand2 This is what I needed for ideas on what to program where. The picture helps too. I will work with this and see how it goes. Thanks, Ozark
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    T-16000m FCS Hotas / Rudder Pedal Setup

    Hi I just installed a new Thrustmaster joystick with throttle and rudder pedals. I'm looking for some setup help. Ideally a step by step setup guide would be great. Im not sure what action to set to what button. I guess if I could down load an already made profile that would be great. I'm not...
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    Subscriber question

    Ok. Thanks for all the feedback. I just ordered the t16000m Hotas and rudder pedals. Should get them tomorrow. So I think I will wait until I get that all sorted out first. Or not Thanks again, Ozark
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    Subscriber question

    If I become a subscriber today will I be able to get into 3.0 after that? Thanks
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    Get off my LAWN

    I'm 61 so I had to vote yes. Reminds me of this group. Iv'e been gaming with them, since 2009. They also use Get Off My Lawn.
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